Versus Weekly Events

Having a little trouble understanding the whole “weekly event” title. Is there no clear and concise way to figure out what qualifies week to week?!?

from my understanding there is no “weekly event” right now as they ditched the gearsmas vs event to let FFA shine this year, so once they make OSOK playable then you can get the medal i believe or any other special game types

But somehow, I’ve completed the 50 rounds and 100 rounds of weekly events Medals and have 167 of the 250 kills in a versus weekly event… I know 2v2 was counting towards it but I’m positive I don’t have 167 2v2 kills cuz I only just reached the 100 2v2 kills medal. We just did a FFA and a blitz , neither of which added anything to my 167 total.

FFA OSOK IS A LIE! Since when does the phrase “one shot one kil” leave any possibility for hitmarkers. Its just a very misleading headshot onlt or headshot kill only match. As a sniper i feel insulted by this FFA OSOK. Sniping is my passion and you have really really upset me with this. Gears used to be my personal 3rd favorite franchise but with the removal of gearsmas, Ruining of golden gun by FFA it, and this insult to OSOK i have oficially decuded gears isnt in my top 15 phranchises anymore and i know 250 people who have had the same reaction due to FFA melding with other modes and the removal of gearsmas.