Versus rank,please help

My rank is not accurate,I have won so many games and I always do well but I am silver one and never go up only down.i have nearly 300 wins and positive kd ratio.please fix this as gears 5 is an amazing game but I can’t enjoy it when the rank doesn’t match the way I play.thanks


300 wins? Please post your stats from in the playlist. Lets have a look.


Post stats?

You know he won’t do that LOL

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I’m also interested in seeing them

I no longer care if it gets annoying. I swear to God, I could probably round up 100 of these types of posts that have been plastered all over reddit, and the correlation? Nearly every player that posts this kinda’ stuff is Silver / Gold… Nah. I’ve had my share my of matches that feel as though I should’ve gotten some pts vs losing some… but GENERALLY I can progress just fine and I’ve grown super tired of this repeated thread.

Gonna’ be asking for stats every time now to get the full picture, and if they refuse to provide, I’m just gonna’ assume their a low-skill player and you can’t really take them losing pts that seriously… Someone with high pts per minute ALONG WITH high number of wins and is still low tier… that’d a discussion worth having… One single scoreboard picture, is not

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I don’t think PPM is a stat the ranking system really looks at. I’ve seen a Diamond player with sub 390 PPM in KOTH. I think Kills Per Minute is most likely the stat that’s being used by the ranking system.

Tell me is not broke

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Try focusing more on points / minutes than anything else, i’m not 100 % sure that it’s the main factor for ranking up or down but i’m fairly confident about it.

Here is where i wrote how i think the system is working, and since i managed to climb Master fairly easily i think i’m not too wrong : (there are also my stats at the end)

Never seen that, and I’ve looked at a lot of profiles. If you could show that, I’d really appreciate it. It’d definitely change perception for many people.

The ranking system is currently broke. After playing a ranked TDM match I was MVP and won the game. My KD was 27 and 7. My ranked score then went -567 points. This needs to be fixed. It seems that whenever you win your first round all points for the rest of the match are positive and when you lose the first round all of your point are negative regardless of weather you win the next rounds or not. Please Fix This ASAP

Dude, you reading the top replies? Post stats to get a better picture of what’s happening.

the same picture from above that you see… that is exactly what has been happening to me all day

I can’t see your kills, I can’t see your deaths. I don’t know if you were the favored team or not… Why people think this is proof of anything is beyond me.

Lol, why do you think that pic proves anything?.. It doesn’t show how long the match lasted. We can’t see your kills. We can’t see your deaths. We don’t know if he was favored or not… If you post your stats, we can at least get an idea of how you USUALLY play, and that’ll help you understand why you may be losing pts in some matches.

are you high??? When you lose the first round of tdm even after winning the next two rounds and and winning the game all of your points become negative… its that simple i tested it. if you win the first round of tdm and then purposely play terrible and lose you gain all the points that you would have gone negative… If you think the system doesn’t have a bug in it right now you are on some really good drugs man.

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No, absolutely not.

part of me want to take multiple pictures of stats before and after games and show you that it is an on going recurring thing

A vid would be appropriate for that “Test”… and again, you can post your stats and I’m sure it’s gonna’ give you a better idea of how you can improve…

unless you as a person can make any change to the problems in the game its not worth having a discussion with you. Having a discussion with someone who actually works for the coding team for gears of war is someone worth having the discussion with.