Versus players are miserable because of these hot fixes

The hot fixes are killing this game for me. I recently returned to Gears of War on March 8 from being overseas. The updates in March made the game feel like Gears of War 3. From playing with random people in the community, people seemed to like the new feel to the game as the wall bounce felt cleaner and the shotgun was adequate.

As of April, the game has changed dramatically from an above casual perspective. The wall bounces have slowed down, shotgun “magnetism” seems to be off sync from character placement or camera view and is inconsistent in gib range.

Those that are updating the game and giving hot fixes need to be more clear as to what they are changing. Those that have been playing Gears of War for 14 years are used to adapting to various updates, but the game logic is changing fundamentally. The ranking system is not enough of a incentive considering that 10 wins in a row are nullified by one loss that could result in a 1600 reduction.

-When you make updates to the game, have a video showing the functional changes in game (i.e. before and after)
-Have one weapon setting (core or competitive) for ranked and one for quickplay to differentiate skill rather than game mode. Quickplay should have the simpler of the two or the one deemed more casual friendly.

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Why do you all care so much about “muh precious rank” when the system doesn’t work either way?