Versus Pick up Spot

When we go options Game “Versus Pickup Spot” Can someone tell me what this is for?
Is it beneficial?
pros and cons?

It’s for spotting weapon pickups on the ground. It can be used for marking either weapons from a dead player or the placed pickups if you want someone else to get them.

Beyond that, I don’t think there’s uses to the feature. You lose nothing by turning it on, I would think. Although sometimes the game decides you want to mark a weapon instead of the enemy you’re looking at.

Thank you.

Noticed it yesterday as well. Has this been added recently?

Anyways; I wouldn’t turn it on. In PvE more than often I end up marking weapons when I spam mark on a Drone. Probably not that big of an issue in PvP, but marking weapons isn’t really necessary either. At least in PvP.

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