Versus multiplayer feedback

I’ll start off with things I like

First of all, the base game mechanics feel very good. Movement and weapon controls are fluid and responsive. I like the heavy but smooth movement and the different recoil patterns and such make gunplay that much more interesting.

I have fewer connectivity issues than in previous Gears titles.

Most of the maps are good and complement the game mechanics well.

Most of all, the custom lobby browser was a fantastic addition.


There is a severe lack of customization content.

The ranking system is pretty unreliable. For instance, I’ve had matches when I get 70 eliminations and 8k+ points and we win but I still lose over 300 points from my rank. Then in the next match I get 28 eliminations and around 4k points and I gain about 140 rank points.

There are audio issues. Sometimes the directional audio is inconsistent and the train on Asylum gives way too small of an alarm.

Speaking of Asylum, either the ring locations should be moved from the train track in KOTH and Escalation or the train should be disabled for those gametypes.

Weapon balance should be tweaked a bit. It’s not as bad as Core in Gears 4 but a nerf for both Lancer and Gnasher wouldn’t hurt the game. Lancer could use a steeper damage drop off while Gnasher could either have a similar increase in damage drop off or a simple small decrease in damage dealt per pellet.

The flash grenade is a real nuisance because the visual effect is too exaggerated. It doesn’t have to have so long of a visual block nor does it really need to mess up the game audio. The visual effect should be toned down and shortened. And imo the audio effect doesn’t need to be there at all. The main purpose of the grenade is to help break enemy defenses, and the stun effect in itself is enough to do so tbh.

I probably forgot to mention something but I think I covered the main points I had.