Versus movement style/ controller settings

Hey guys, just wanted to share my thoughts/experience with this over the saga of the GOW years. Im sure as a lot of you have, ive been playing this game since day 1, but only recently have i gotten the proper time/interest in upping my intensity of gameplay. This goes along with adjusting play style and messing with my sensitivites as well.

Right now i am currently playing with 30/25/10 sensitivites, playing default “thumb” style. I have worked my way up over a few weeks to the 30 sensitiviy and wow it makes a huge difference in versus for my reactions and movement. I am able to handle it because i was playing on 25 before

This is by far the best setup i have played with in terms of coordination and the ability to move swiftly. I realize some players think that claw is the only way to become elite in this game , but at the moment i am able to move nicely, bounce a bit, strafe etc. The game for me is really fun when im not boucning around all day and just keeping it classic so to speak. Obviously certain situations permit the boucning and etc but overall i hold up pretty well even against great players.

At the moment i am onyx2 and trying to up my game just to improve myself, but not going hardcore mental about my rank, just want to have fun and maintain the intensity of my gameplay. Although ive been around this level throughout the seasons, by no means am i a “bad” player… and i play with lots of good players and we win and lose some and its just so much fun with the chatting and groups to kill the games together

Anyone care to share their thoughts/settings/perspectives?


I myself play a 30-30-30. And it is fantastic…for close -quarters combat. Any long-ranged gun is quite hard to control imo. So it’s a give and take, if you want to be faster, then you are gonna give up some accuracy.

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that’s exactly what I find… ^^^^^^^^^^^^

I wish Gears 5 has weapon specific sensitivity overrides… As it is, I can crank up the sensitivity for gnasher CQB combat and give up boltok, lancer, torque, etc accuracy, or I adjust that down, and give up gnasher battles…

I tend to swtich, depending on the type of game I’m playing… If it’s just for fun and for learning, I’ll play with higher sensitivity and go for gnasher… if I’m sweating with higher ranked players, I’ll switch to precision, since I’m much more valuable to the team there…

I wish we had a default setting I could set, for everything else, and an override for gnasher, which would be something like 30-30-x … Same for aim acceleration…


100% agree here. In order to gain something you have to give up something. I think it would be great to have separate target sensitivities for the Gnasher and Lancer.

To the OP, currently I play on 30,25,20 (elite controller, tournament scheme) with the sticks both set to aggressive -2. Anything slower and I feel like I’m often one step behind stronger players (high Onyx, Diamond). Anything faster and I just can’t keep accurate control of my character and weapons. With slower sensitivities keeping range is key and being accurate is a must. Ill also add that I use the tall left and right sticks that came with the elite controller. Again this is give and take. It gives me a lot more accuracy with most weapons, especially the Lancer, but I feel like I sacrifice a touch of fast movement as there is a longer throw left to right.

As of late I have been focusing almost strictly on my Lancer skills. I feel that it is a under utilized weapon in Comp amongst solo players. If you are accurate and focus on good angles, your results will be good and you will be surprised how much you help your overall teams success. Lately i’ve been going into Comp warmup KOTH and focusing on only using my Lancer unless forced to switch to the Gnasher. The results = great. Im getting super accurate. With accuracy I’m able to focus more on the head (as you get a big damage boost). Active reloads are big too.

I have also focused on toning down my movement when using the Gnasher in order to stay more accurate and play smoother. My goal lately has been to focus on making the right pushes (not forcing them), not giving up advantage in a fight, predicting enemies movement (this is big), leaving a fight if staying alive is more critical to the success of the round and staying out of one shot range against fast players. For me, the really fast movement is generally saved for defense and evasion.

Anyways, its sounds like you are on the right path for success. Claw for me is just too uncomfortable at my age and with larger hands. I use to play default, and switched to tournament about a year ago (only took about 2 or 3 days to get used to it). This definitely helps with faster movement, but comes at a cost of the bumpers wearing out.


Everyone is different but this is what works for me.

This is cool, thanks for sharing guys, yea i can see validity in all of your posts, right now things are working, so slowly trying to tweak it out and just have fun. I still plag with my outer/inner ranges at default… i dont notice too much difference unless i put them all the way to the opposite end… keeping them default for me works i have no drift and it doesnt slow me down really… never thought too much about changing those up but i think ill experiment further for the hell of it lol

I always tell people; if you’re missing shots, turn it down. If you can’t shoot in time because you’re turning too slow, turn it up.

I see so many people playing spastically because they think they need to play 30’s when it doesn’t suit their play style. Simple strafing makes them miss and if you wallbounce behind them, they’ll often roll as a fumbled panic response. Also, having your sens too high will cause you to go slower because you’ll hard aim more to try to get control of your character.

Go with the speed that suits your play style and reflexes. Once you find something that works for you, commit to it. Gears is all muscle memory and changing sens a lot will throw away the benefits of muscle memory.

I won’t list my set up as it’s extremely convoluted and won’t help you. I just experimented for months until I found what was comfortable.

If I remember correctly, didn’t you have an entire thread on that?

Vibration OFF
Invert X/Y OFF
Omnidirectional Roll ON
Tournament Control Scheme
Default Triggers/Sticks
Elite controller with A (taccom) and B (melee) mapped to paddles. I also use the Scuf Elite Paddle Control System because the default Elite paddles are trash.

I feel like if you want to play well your look and aim should be the same. If you make them different you get this slow down effect when you pop shot. The actual sensitivity doesn’t matter as much, though to keep up with fast players it should probably be >20.

I play
1 or 0
I use paddles to wall bounce cause I keep breaking them plastic LB buttons playing tournament . Been diamond past seasons when there were more rookies playing. Stuck in onyx in season 5.
I started playing more core ever since they increased the speed of wall bouncing, TC is bad at releasing patch notes lol.
Took em a good couple of years to restore the fast paced movement of older titles and I hope it doesn’t change.
You can see the skill Gap difference now instead of easily predicting the slower bounce of the past.
I’m good at bouncing and druken strafes but not 100% cherry with the reaction shots. They seem to shoot a little off the recticle for me. So hard to master

30 . 10 . 10
I like being accurate when zoomed in

Look 30
Target 30
Zoom 15
Aim 10
Inner 3
Outer 7
A moved to top right paddle
Man mark moved to top left paddle
Zoom moved to bottom right paddle on a 2nd setup that I can switch to.
I found this allows for fast movement with shotgun whilst still giving good aim with the sniper and embar