Versus Maps need to be the focus of Operation 3

it sounds like Gridlock is playable internally but simply doesn’t have polish/assets. mentioned on the dev stream. the amount of talk about legacy maps today must mean they understand the thirst for more right? (hopefully)

also, the fact that 2v2 Boxes is in the game means War Machine is somewhat built.

Get those done and out the door

This is purely factually incorrect.

They do not vault items because there are too many, this is a marketing strategy that creates artificial urgency.

Btw, why call them versus maps if you admit that

More horde focused maps please.

They really do effect the larger portion of this game, Competitive Versus, Arcade, Horde, Pro League. Events.

See what I did there?

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to differentiate between FFA maps

basically Team based versus maps

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We need way more versus maps in operation 3. I prefer 2 maps a month that gears 4 did instead of 2 maps every 3 months.


Total agreement. a min of 4 maps (I know it will not happen) 2 brand new and 2 legacy that have never been in another Gears game.
I know I keep going on about Gears 3 but look:

Release date: Sept 20 2011.

DLC: The Horde Command Pack (800pts) was released on November 1, 2011
Three Maps:
Blood Drive,

FREE DLC: The Versus Booster Map Pack was released on November 24, 2011 for free and contains the following:

Five Maps (does include the 3 above):
Blood Drive

DLC : Fenix Rising (800pts) released Jan 17th. so FIVE months after release.
The Slab

That does not include full story DLC R.S.

I have said it before but we did not realise how lucky and spoiled we were.

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Keep this thread going. Operation 3 neeeeeeeds to be all about versus maps cause they are so few now and it’s going to be half year after release

haha, I saw that, immediately laughed because it was clearly a troll, but then I saw who posted it, and wondered, hmmmm… IS it a troll :slight_smile:

But, seriously, actually, with the recent changed to Icebound, I don’t find it so incredibly annoying anymore… Is it my favorite map? No, of course now… that’s tied between Asylum and Dam, but I don’t scream anymore when I end up playing on it :slight_smile:

The only positive thing about Training Grounds is that it has the Overkill… and Bunker? … I don’t even know where to start…

Hopefully the Icebound changes are a sign that TC has figured out that elevated positions + impenetrable cover is not a good combination. Choose one or the the other and make corresponding changes to Bunker, Training Grounds, and Vasgar.

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It’s funny cuz at the time I felt ripped off for getting the season pass because it was less maps than in 2. I thought ramm shadows should have had a few maps. They need to hire whoever was in charge of pumping out all the maps for the original trilogy cuz we got spoiled.

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I would like the quality of the game seen to rather than new maps and stuff added. The Coalition are more concerned with chucking out new this and that in the store than fixing the game.
Maps for PvP, i would say that whatever maps are made and brought in to the game are for all modes, PvP and PvE alike. I would also welcome maps from previous games, including Gears of War Judgement.
The gameplay is a factor before new maps, in my personal opinion,.

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My friend @Link23809 I totally agree with you , I mean its literally playing the same game over and over again… I wouldn’t mind paying for more maps tbh

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horrible maps to say the least…

almost no one likes them @Mark36111 … not even BIG BIRD likes them.

Couple of points need to be made about how a studio runs. (I think)

trying to get people who don’t design maps to design them doesn’t work. the artists, animators, coders, testers, producers, all wouldn’t work on making maps.

the only sure fire way to increase production on this stuff is to hire more designers or outsource to a third party company. TC actually does this for the art assets in maps right now, Splash Damage does that for them. (In addition to making Gears Tactics)


New maps are the only thing I want.
I played them already too much.
A mix of classic and new maps.

I have a fear that they’re treating the maps like other (more popular) shooters do, such as Rainbow 6 Siege or Overwatch. With those games, maps are generally added 1 at a time, usually in tandem with new characters (just like operations work in Gears 5), and those 2 games get away with it. It’s normal for them.

But it’s not normal, or acceptable, for Gears 5.

Anyway I’m just putting this in writing in case when Operation 3 hits they only add 1 map again. Then I can say “I was right!”

they letting the franchise die in other country’s cause people cant get matches
u think they care about operation 3

We definitely need more maps. New and old. I wouldn’t mind azura or everyone’s fav blood drive. But that’s just me

Mansion please for the love of everything Mansion is not overdone like clock tower and canals and it’s the king of gears maps. Wouldn’t mind also azura, jacinto and ruins.

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Yeah the forum is filled with complaints about clayton not being in the game. I cant find any complaints about not having enough maps.
Thank you for pointing it out

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Agreed. Give us 2 new 2 v 2 maps. Atleast 1 or 2 ffa maps n 3 or 4 new or remade mapa for vs.
When i say remade. I mean remade maps from gesrs 2 n 3 tht werent already remade.

Or just new maps period.

Wouldn’t mind dawn. I love tht map.

N ffs, ranked dodgeball plea4