Versus Maps need to be the focus of Operation 3

March’s Operation 3 will be the 6 month mark for Gears 5 and we will have only added 2 maps to the Versus map count before the content drops. In comparison to Gears 4 which had 8 during the same time frame. what is that, like a 120% drop in production?

It feels like map designers were scaled back (fired?) in exchange for more cosmetic asset artists. as we have no shortage of character skins, weapon skins, banners, marks, sprays and expressions. in fact, they have a huge back catalog that gets “vaulted” because the store isn’t big enough to showcase it all.

probably the most important thing in Gears is the maps besides the actual way it plays. all the complaints about Hero’s, character skins, Ranks are all pretty insignificant compared to the areas we actually play on and use. I’m very surprised by this community’s constant complaints that Clayton isn’t in the game VS the actual map count and quality.

TC probably committed to OP3 even before OP2 dropped but I really hope the outcry about map count has driven them to focus on more Versus Maps. It really does effect the larger portion of this game, Competitive Versus, Arcade, Horde, Pro League. Events.

TC, please give us more maps. fingers crossed.


Quality over quantity. GOW4 never had instant classics like Icebound, Bunker, and Training Grounds.


Especially when you play the only maps that come up in rotation are icebound, training grounds and asylum 99 out of 100 times!

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you forgot the /s

sarcasm is hard to read with only text


1 new map, the other was a remake, Lift. Don’t want anymore remakes personally

I want to see at least 4 new versus maps in OP3


I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Clearly making multiplayer maps isn’t TC’s strong suit after they…

  • released slightly edited versions of launch maps as Gears 4 DLC
  • only made 4 original maps out of the 24 Gears 4 DLC maps
  • only made 7 launch maps for Gears 5
  • had to add Gears 4 maps to Gears 5, not even slightly remade
  • had to use Map Builder tiles to make FFA maps, of which 2 out of 3 could not be immediately used due to a bug
  • only released 1 map with operation 2

On top of all that most of the maps they DO manage to make are just sterile, with way too much focus on being e-sports conscious rather than interesting and fun to play on. Even Allfathers Arena, whose mix-match concept could’ve be used in a variety of interesting ways, just ends up a grab bag of random squares and pillars sprinkled about the 3 lanes. Nothing exciting.

If TC don’t release at least 3 original maps in operation 3, it’s all over for me. I will have zero confidence in them from that point on.


Id like to see the game play properly first. New maps that play like trash dont help this game.

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I totally agree with you on TC’s creation ability but what’s that alternative? waiting years for them to meet the quality Epic put forth? they cut their teeth on Ureal Tournament and it shows in the maps they made from day 1 in 2006.

my suggestion would to bring the Epic made maps back as a reminder that everything doesn’t need to be Escalation Mode perfect to have fun. Mansion is one of my favorites but no doubt it wouldn’t play well on Escalation but who cares about that. I want Gears of War back, not some e-sport, twitch, influencer conduit

Perhaps outsourcing to a third party is the answer to get things done.


The fact we have to point out to TC ‘hey! more maps please’ says it all

It’s the reason I got bored of the game so soon. Playin the same maps over & over especially when a few of the new ones in 5 I’m not keen on (Bunker & Vasgar) and maps Ive played to death albiet decent (Gears 4 inclusions Foundation etc) and a ‘new’ one in Lift which just ends up bein a slap in the face…

I vote with my playin time and Gears 5 is lucky to get it right now (basically it aint).

Back to 4 til OP3

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We need 6 Versus/Horde Maps in Operation 3.

4 would be the absolute minimum.


Agreed 100%.

I know it may sound extreme, but I’d suggest TC stop doing absolutely everything and just focus on NEW maps for OP3. Eff new modes. Eff the fixes (they hardly fix anything to begin with anyways). Eff the skins/marks/banners/characters/etc. Eff the what’s ups and the gears in the machines. Eff absolutely everything and just work on maps.

Heck, pull Rod away from his redundant interviews, assign to him a cubicle and have him help out too at this point. All hands on deck.


remember when we all though that’s what was going to happen in OP2?

then we got the What’s Up, I read the first line where it said 7 maps and I was giddy, then I scrolled down…


@Mark36111 this is hilarous man… hahahahahahaha im actually laughing right now !! hahahahaha


" instant classics " this ain’t Disney movies man… I don’t know what’s happening here.


I still think that the FFA maps should have been available for custom Horde/Versus matches outside of FFA. They seem to have some potentially good locations for Horde base setups, even if they aren’t designed like the other maps(which in my view is what would make them interesting).

Also, people responding to Mark, I think he’s just trying to troll or mess with you when he makes statements obviously bound to be refuted or disagreed upon by a large part of the forum userbase.

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Idk about classics, but those are great maps. I personally love Asylum as well. Not a huge fan of Exhibit.

Still, great maps or not, it’s no excuse for launching with 7 maps and then only adding 1 new Versus map 4 months later (heading into 5). Inexcusable.

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I’m not looking forward to new modes so soon because I want some new maps.

We got so much cosmetic stuff that I wouldn’t mind them re-rotating old store stuff until we get a proper map pack.

I’m so sick of seeing Gears 4 maps in the rotation. It’s always Reclaimed and Foundation, like come on.


Agree 6 months after launch gears 4 had 16 maps in the game. And gears 5 will only have 8 lol. I’m not counting gears 4 transfer maps and escape tiles ffa only maps. Operation 3 needs to have 4 actual versus maps. How can we only have 8 maps a half year after release is beyond me.


We can dream.

But MTs, rip-off revenue if you like, are ingrained in every element of the game, including delivery.

And maps don’t sell iron.


We can dream.

In other words, the focus of OP3 will be the OP3 bundle and related cosmetics.