Versus map editor?

If I remember correctly, TC stated in some article or update long ago that it may be possible to create our own versus maps in the future.
If that is the case, is it still in plans and is there any info to share about it?

( Please note that I could be completely off here and remember stuff wrong :sweat_smile: But still, a versus map editor would be nice :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hi @S_T_Y_R_A_N_K_l

It was mentioned that a horde map editor will be released some day , in the early days of Gears 5 , however since then I haven’t found any information on this topic.

TC’s is keeping close to them such information. we do have the feeling that more information would be released on OP3 .

The map editor has been pushed back after the disastrous launch as TC has had to play catch up fixing issues with the game.


I don’t know if I’m just super lucky or what but I never experience these disastrous launch issues in any game. The worst thing I saw during launch was that campaign progress was not being recorded properly. Other than that it was a smooth ride for me. Maybe a root cause analysis is necessary to see find the core issue(s) causing these bugs instead of just patching things left and right and hoping for the best. Again, this is a management issue, not a development issue.

The server overload and the ranking/matchmaking system issues have been the main problems. The devs had to spend a ton of time trying to award progress back to people who lost it in campaign. That took a few months to sort out. The ranking system and matchmaking system still isn’t 100%

I guess I shouldn’t throw out my horseshoe or rabbit’s foot any time soon :sweat_smile:

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