Versus Locks: Onyx Guard Weapon Set Parts

The thing about the Onyx Guard is that over half of it is locked behind versus, and I get that. BUT IF YOU ARE A TRASH GAMER LIKE ME HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO GET THE ONYX GUARD SET! IT IS LOCKED BEHIND FREE FOR ALL. And this doesn’t compare to 2v2 Gnashers, AT LEAST I COULD GET CARRIED BUT HERE I HAVE TO GET TO THE 30 KILL MARK. And it’s impossible to get the kills if someone else gets in front of me (Kill Leaderboard Wise). And I know you guys are going to tell me to suck it up, get good, or to not collet the set. BUT IT ISN’T MY PROBLEM IF OTHERS CAN’T GET THE SET EITHER. SO IF YOU CONSIDER THIS AND NOT CALL ME A WUSS THANKS.

P.S: Others would like this set too so you are driving people away from this game because of the sweaty tryhards out there, if you can relate well get used to possibly getting called a wuss, if anything have a ranked free for all so you can fight people to your skill rank…


You are not alone. I gave up on that one.


It would be nice if GoW didn’t lock cosmetics behind versus. Tbh lock it behind horde/escape. Especially with all the toxic people out there.

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Onyx guards are supposed to be the best of the best right? It only seems fitting that the best of the best should get the mighty onyx guard cosmetics!

Joking asides, it is a stuoid they have made some content extremely easy to obtain and some, such as these skins extremely difficult.


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Even when the option to buy the collectors onyx guard skin from the store for 500 iron was there, you still had to go on and unlock the cog gear as the onyx is just a skin. Really should have it’s own slot.

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The Onyx Guard was like the Black Ops of the Military, but really a f**cking free for all for the Sniper set. I already have the one for the enforcer set, although the rings were hard. But seriously TC what were you thinking!

Feel like versus challenges should be restricted to wins, kills, kills as a char, headshots, & kills with specific weapons & whatever else falls under general use.

I’m not too into ranked as I was in 4 and I have a couple FFA wins but in comparison to versus the horde & escape challenges are just get in get out and your done with not much effort, excluding the masters challenges. I feel like they should do what they do with ranked rewards & just tie a reward per week to whatever the featured playlist is, that way they can still have some effort in versus

Got the one win and thought that was an accomplishment but then realized there’s another medal for five wins. Yeah that’s gonna be tough. Gotta hope for people to lag out or quit early.


If the servers were perfect and it was equal on pvp,I’d hit versus, til I got the full onyx skin set,I’ve also got a part set,I tried over Xmas to get the new swarm skin,but I couldn’t hit anyone because of my ping.I stay on horde because of the AI,that way I can get something from TC,ok the ugly skins wasn’t something exciting to get.but I got a complete set,

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I could relate

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I am in the same boat man. I like PVP but Free for all is just a gamble. I have 2 wins of the 5 needed… I am never going to get the last set of skins to complete the set. Pisses me off that you can’t do a private Free for all to achieve it. In fact some players do not like PVP and should be aloud to play Player VS AI in order to achieve the medals to unlock the content ( hint hint @the-coalition ) not gonna lie the more i dwell on this the worse it gets. I ground out everything else to fall short on Stupid Free for all wins to get the onyx wepon skins.

yeah 5 wins on Free for all!!! that was a great idea!!! NOT!!!

It’s a joke but in a way I was kind of serious. Easy for me to say I suppose as I’ve won 5. They should have made a legendary onyx guard skin or similar for winning 5 free for all.

Update: Bros it’s possible to get the wins you need on FFA golden gun. I got the five wins. 4 wins tonight. I’ll admit the last two were cheesy as lots of people quit but two were legit wins with full rooms. Hey as long as I got the medal I’m happy. I’ll complete that onyx set yet. Whew, that’s a huge weight off my chest! Hope some of you guys can pull it out in Golden gun too and complete that set!