Versus Kill Damage

Does anyone know what damage you get for a kill in versus if you get the complete kill with no ones getting an assist,

Trying to track the achievements offline as my stats are showing correctly

Players have 600HP in Versus - confirmed on stream a while ago.


Awesome that was quick, so without sounding ridiculously stupid, you get 600 damage per kill towards the achievements

Assuming they aren’t already hurt yes

*Certain friendly fire settings and Incins will give you more.


Message received loud and clear haha

Also; don’t bother grinding them before OP8 / todays patchnotes. Afaik a nerf for these cheevos was pretty much confirmed already.

I didn’t see anything about it, what have a I missed ?

Nvm; Shauny hinted at that a while ago but looks like they forgot to add it. Classic TC


I hope they just forgot to write it down but the actual change was made.

The new achievements could keep me hooked for a while but only if I have a fair chance of completing them.

So they can’t fix them in other words.