Versus is unplayable in Europe

Trying to play some arcade matches, but unable to join any. If I can join any, I get instant kick.

Otherhand, it says “creating match” if I wouldnt cancel matchmaking, it would count until 2020 I think.

It’s very sad, nearly it’s nearly 2020 and still experiencing such as problems.
I still dont get it, how can you release a game such as state. You have over 10++ years experience and 6 Gears already released.

It’s only 10 people who play each other, Can’t think about if it has battle royale or bigger player base gamemods.

Glad I didnt pay anything for this garbage.

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At least you guys got servers, South Africa got nothing this time around.

there is like 2 servers in europe, we get matched all the time in UsA servers. I believe the matchmaking is not working as intended or they have server issues.


Me too, if i play ranked im in usa server =127 ms -.- im in Europe Italy