Versus impossible not to fun

I know that here on the site does not have a suggestion box, however I will share an idea I had for the verse, from gears 4.

It would be possible an event as a test nothing permanent, but with the intention of testing to know the response of the public.

Would it be possible to put a verse event where players played with a special card from one of the 5 Horde classes?

I wonder how insane a verse player with scoult’s speed skill would be. Or grenadiers with 8 grenades already starting.

I know many are the reasons why this has not been implemented yet.
But I believe that a one-week event would be ideal for listening to everyone’s reactions, as well as being challenging and fun.

Many do not play horde by being against bots, however it has fun with some classes.

Of course TC knows what is best but something like that would be unusual.