Versus, Horde and Xbox One X (Gears 5 special?)

I did some research, but would like some fresh feedback. Lag issues aside, does anyone feel like the One X has made them more effective at either. Do the increased visuals and frame rates seem to really smooth gameplay? Is it just “prettier” or do you feel it justifies the money spent for increased enjoyment? Man I’ve been looking to pull the trigger on one and the trade in deals just got interesting. I have a 4K UHD Samsung to take advantage of the visual power. Considering I spend most of my time gaming with Gears, is it really THAT noticeable of an upgrade from the One S?

Think at this point it would be wise to just hold out for a Gears 5 special edition?

All arbitrary I know, but gaming is all about the experience right? Lol.

I upgraded from regular Xbox One. Horde runs 1080p still, but 60fps now. It’s amazing.

Gears 5 will be 4k 60fps, even on horde. Looking foward to it.


Horde runs better if you select the 60FPS option. There isn’t a difference in performance except for resolution in Versus which is nice but it won’t change your play style.

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Would you purchase again over the S knowing what you know now?

I had a launch Xbox and I upgraded to an S only because of HDR. I knew going in that I’d buy an X so it was a temporary upgrade at best. With this in mind yes I would definitely recommend the X and I’ll buy the next Xbox even if it plays the same games but more powerful. The reason being is it’s not minor differences here.

Gears 4 multiplayer is in 4K HDR while I can play Horde and Campaign at or near 60FPS.

Forza Motorsport 7 not only looks stunning in native 4K but the cars animations are superior in every way.

Forza Horizon 3 in 4K HDR is stunning.

Forza Horizon 4 will allow the player to choose 30FPS 4K or 60FPS at I presume 60FPS.

Halo 5 looks stunning.

Halo Master Chief Collection is getting a major 4K update which looks stunning.

Then you have third party titles such as Tomb Raider which let you choose 4K 30FPS (likely not native) or 60FPS and I love the higher frame rates. So yes, every time.


I got a standard, the One X, and also a PC which gives even greater detail. But, any improvements in performance were minute at best. I’d say that across map no-scopes with Longshot are the only thing that truly went up a noticeable degree due to the finer level of detail but it’s barely worth mentioning because few people use Longshot like this. Wallbounce and gnasher are no better from the visuals other than being able to turn off motion blur on PC, which is more a matter of taste.

If you were thinking of getting an X for visual enjoyment, by all means. If you’re looking to get a tactical advantage, forget about it. High end headphones with give you a FAR greater advantage and not cost half as much as an X.

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Thanks. Something to consider. Headphone recommendation? I use TB 420x, and Atmos (though I’m not completely sold on Atmos for games). Sounds good with compatible movies though.

I’ve always been a fan of Astros myself. I’m currently using Gen 3 A50 which sound great and are completely wireless. They’re expensive though as they’re $300.

I’m a professional audio engineer and my ears are my living so I’m pretty picky and lean toward the brands with professional lineage. I will not touch wireless or Atmos (the later of which ruins the nicely engineered Gears 4 audio), no offense anyone.
If you want the best sound and don’t need isolation, go with “open back” design. It has the benefit of being aware of what’s going on in your house, as well as creating greater spacial imaging in the game because the sound isn’t bouncing around in the ear cups.

If you like heavy bass, the Sennheiser Game One is nice. Around $170 or so, I believe.

If balance and fine detail is important to you, the Audio Technica ATH-ADG1x are wonderful. I use these myself. I can tell what’s going on across the map and make crucial callouts. If I’m dead and watching a teammate, I’ll assist and tell them exactly where the enemy sounds are coming from long before they hear them themselves. These are pricey at $300 but I was able to get these on sale for $200. I recently found out that AngryFPS uses these, which explains why he’s so situationally aware.

Both of those have mics. If you don’t want a mic, you can get greater bang for the buck with regular headphones. The Beyerdynamic DT880 is what I use for work and it’s realism and accuracy is unparalleled in the $200 range. Better than the ATH I game with, but it unfortunately has no mic and the mic mod is too clunky for me.

All of these are nice for music in addition to gaming.


i’m still using original X1, but probably hold off from upgrading until Microsoft announces Gears 5 X1X bundle. Gears 4 bundle was amazing!

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The One X by far offers the best version of games.

I’ve too gone Xbox One > Xbox One S > Xbox One X

The differences are there and you will notice them.

I can’t wait for the NextBox too - but that’s rumoured for 2020 - 2021.

Still a while to go and I know Gears 5 will take it to another level as TC will have a lot more time and incentive to optimise it for the One X and they are already targeting every mode for 4K 60 FPS.


I almost feel like I’ll regret buying one now and seeing a limited edition drop next summer.