Versus gripes so far

In general I’ve been enjoying the game, yes it’s different to 4, and at the moment I think I still prefer 4. There have been some design decisions and issues that I’ve been baffled by and I hope are rectified:

Weapon Respawn Timer
Please please please remove this from ranked play. Keep it in for quickplay. It seems more suited there. Part of the skill of multiplayer is knowing when the pickups are going to respawn.

Social Menu
It strikes me as quite hard to see what rank the players are that I’m playing with.

Enemy tags
Why can we see opponents grenade tags using tac-com?

Why is it so good? It is very difficult now to approach anyone. Most people just seem to camp. The range and accuracy are also staggering.

Starting Loadout
Why have the option to change when grenade is the only one you actually can change. I get that this is probably about future proofing though.

I understand that this is probably a way to stop people complaining about kill stealing and to support people who aren’t as good to feel like they’re making a valid contribution. I just don’t really understand it, it seems harder to understand the mechanics of it than simply kills and downs.

Flashbang Grenades
Why even bother with smoke grenades. No one uses them because the ability to stop your opponent is far stronger. Stuns are reminiscent of gears 2 smoke grenades, which were a huge problem in that game.

Reverse Omen
Nothing more needs to be said here that hasn’t already been covered in numerous other threads, although I liked the suggestion of having this as an option in the menu to toggle between the original and reverse so everyone’s happy.

Why does it show level and not ranks?