Versus Events ‘Medals

Wondering if anyone else is having issues with medal progression with the current Versus Events Golden Gun.

When i have won rounds in the new event it isn’t counting towards “Win 50 Rounds of versus weekly events” .

Does anyone know why this would be the case?

I have the medal now for pistol kills and the rounds i have won are not counting towards the rounds won medal and i have no idea why?

Yeah, there have been reports on the same issue and I tried it last night. A few support tickets have been sent to TC.

Its unfortunate, but hopefully with Execution next week, the rounds won and played system will work and will allow people to get these medals done very quickly.


Thanks good to know it is not just me then :slight_smile:


I can confirm that the latest event does count round wins and rounds played, in Classic Execution, for those wondering.

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Done it yeah, thanks unsure why the last one was not counting.

TC is looking into it, info via their studio twitter account.

"Gears 5 Service Update 7:40 pm:

We deployed a fix for the issue preventing the granting of the Niles Boomshot. Players that have completed all medals in the Versus Event group will need to complete one more Versus match to trigger the reward. Thanks for your patience."