Versus Event Medal - Event Demolition

I have just completed the Event Demolitions for the last Versus Event category in the medals all complete but the Niles Boomshot has not unlocked?

It is not showing in my weapons skins, restarted the game still nothing?

Is this going to be like last week when the rounds was not counting but this week the skin will not unlock?

Has anyone else actually received the skin?

When i was in the versus match i didn’t see the medal pop up on the right but when i came out the match it said i had it.

Yeah it isn’t giving me the Boomshot either. Even tried restarting my game and nothing. Personally, not impressed with the way they’ve been doing the unlocks for versus events on the ToD.

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I hope they sort it out soon before the op is over

""Gears 5 Service Update 7:40 pm:

We deployed a fix for the issue preventing the granting of the Niles Boomshot. Players that have completed all medals in the Versus Event group will need to complete one more Versus match to trigger the reward. Thanks for your patience.""


Got this medal and 100% Operation 3. Now to wait for Operation 4…

I have the Niles Boomshot Skin now :slight_smile:

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