Versus competitive progress not working

its been 2 days now and ffa or any competitive gameplay progress is not being claim.
able to reup rank …but points and global rank have not been claim.
Is anybody else having this issue.

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I’ve been getting the error about match results not calculated but I don’t know If thats the issue you’re referring to. Plus I think it does count but doesn’t show up on screen.

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This issue comes and goes.

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Yes, my 2 hours of grinding kills yesterday did not count. 2 hours worth which would’ve unlocked that damn Nothin But Bits!.

It’s working now but that’s not the point, the timing couldn’t have been any worse.

Damn devilish fiends working their great evil at The Cretinous Studios.

You grinded? Without me?


I’d have invited you, but I didn’t.