Versus and Achievement requirements

Good Morning Gearheads and Achievement Hunters.

It has been a little while since I made a post on the forums, but thought i would hop on and raise an issue that a few people and I have come across recently. (in the UK at least)
As most of you outside of N.America may have experienced, the competitive lobbies just dont fill up, especially with the servers playing up lately. Without region selection i cannot even get one competitive match started, let alone 20 completed for the Studio challenge. Moreover, 25 wins for the achievement.

However, I am not one to moan without making a reasonable suggestion. Why not add the competitive warmup playlist to the challenge/achievement counter. At least its in the right playlist and there are bots to beat up if no one else is playing.

The only other viable solution is to run “Boosting sessions” and currently there are people being suspended from online play for setting up sessions such as this. If you cant get the achievements in private and there’s no one playing in ranked play to actually do it legitimately against, Competitive warmup seems a viable and un-intrusive way to play.

Part 2:
This “Tour of Duty” achievement.
I have not seen Reclaimed Windflare in the map vote screen once since the achievement was added, and I can only imagine it being overlooked should it appear. Any way of getting it added more frequently or making it obtainable in private. I’d hate to miss an achievement because of a bad RNG.

Anyhow, thats it from me. I would like to add, the Gears 5 trailer has reignited my spark for Gears, so i’ll be back on here every so often again.

If you want that 20 Ranked Matches done, I’d suggest trying the Core Game Modes like TDM or KOTH.
That’s how I got 'em done, without having to stress over low population in Comp Game Modes.

WHAT?! the core modes count towards this?

I assumed the achievement was for the Escalation/Execution playlist

Yep, TDM would prob be quickest way.

Are you talking about the weapon skin challenge? or the actual “Getting competitive” Achievement?

The 6 Microsoft Studio Skins challenge.

OK, at least i know i can bash that out relatively easily.
I’m now going to whinge about having to win Esc/Exe games instead for the achievement.

Reclaimed Windflare pops up no more or less than many maps when I play… even gets picked sometimes too! It was actually one of the first maps I knocked off the list when the achievement originally went live.

originally i needed Dawn and Harbour Haze too. but once they popped up i’ve seen them loads since.

Just got to hold on a bit longer i suppose

in my experience, it seems the best way to get more maps to cycle is to keep changing gametype after every match. it could be coincidence, but doesn’t seem that way.