Versus Achievement Progress Has Been Bugged for Months

Hey whats going on guys. Currently in Gears 5, I have only 6 achievements left to get. Until of course Op8 when the final set of achievements will be added.

Two are from the Hivebusters DLC and the other 4 are the Versus ones. However, the other 4 achievements listed below have been stuck and haven’t progressed an inch for like 6+ months. Is this a glitch or a bug of some sort? I play this game everyday and I know I should have WAY more progress on these achievements. Should I clear cache/hard reset or uninstall and reinstall the game to see if that triggers the progress on these achievements?

Eyes on Target - Get 12,500 assists in Versus - Stuck at 74%
Nothin’ But Bits - Kill 100,000 enemies in Versus - Stuck at 49%
Absolute Carnage - Deal 100,000,000 damage in Versus - Stuck at 32%
Covering Fire - Get 50,000 assists in Versus - Stuck at 18%

@TC_Shauny @TC_Sera - Any input on how to resolve this would be appreciated.


I know this won’t help you but one of my friends just booted up gears (series x) and all of the versus achievements popped.

He was maximum of half way through the big ones…

Lucky pos.

Sometimes doing a hard reset will fix achievement progress but it doesn’t happen automatically.
You can check kill progress in game with the versus stats.

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What does your achievement progress say on the phone app? That’s always accurate for me, even when the progress on Xbox doesn’t update immediately.

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Mine is the other way around. Also missing 6. BFF’s wont unlock at all even tho i have done it correctly.

Anyway. I got 43k kills now and it says 80% on the 100k kills.
100mil dmg is 62%.

I play every day 2-10hours like 95% is pvp so maybe the kills are bugged? Re up 38 now no exploits on lvling. Feels the damage one is bugged for sure.

The achievements started suddenly jump 10-15% randomly once a month and then they are stuck again for month.

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Still the same progress as on the Xbox for all 4 achievements.

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Been having the same issue, booted up the game a month or so ago and “nothing but bits” popped and “absolute carnage” and “covering fire” progress doubled from 40%/41% to 80%/81% and been stuck since.

Sorry I couldn’t help more. My progress has never been stuck for more than a day at a time :frowning:

Did he do anything special before booting up the game? I`d love to replicate the same outcome.

Doubt it. Not spoken to him though. He just sent me a gloating text message.

Will speak to him tomorrow and try to find out.