Venom Run hive -

What’s the freaking deal with this hive? It’s impossible to beat since the changes. Flashes don’t seem to stun Scions. Venom is way too fast - not enough time to get flashes.

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I think they are simply broken against Scions unless they land like right on their feet. Lost count of the times I failed that final ending stretch on Venom Run because of a Flashbang that didn’t stun the Mulcher Scion before the ending tile, which made it kill me, or resulted in me having to waste another Flash on it when I would have needed it to keep the enemies out while the doors are closing.

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Map is really easy especially with Clayton

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Hmm, never even thought of him on this map.

Good call.

How so? I know about the team resist card but his ultimate take time to build up. What cards should I equip?

Beat it yesterday with all 3 getting out. Simple case of “git gud”. Lahni/Clay/Cole is probably the best setup.

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This is true, I legit thought that that particular scion was glitched because my team could never stun him. After about 30 attempts I had given up.

I get claytons ability twice on venom run, good for many sections

Just wanted to add, this map is complete duckery! The flashes actually are hit or miss on scions. It’s so ■■■■■■■ unfair man. I’ve gotten so close to the end but then the doors closed on me. I just need a place to rant about how much I hate this hive. The fact that there is no strategy on this hive besides pure ■■■■■■■ luck is ■■■■■■■■. TC NEVER MAKE A HIVE LIKE THIS AGAIN. What changes did they make to this hive @Dmbledore ?

The venom moves faster and who know what stealth changes were made. It just seems harder on master now.

Cole is a beast on this map. I mastered it yesterday and my teammates (Lahni and Mac) got taken down by the Scion and the wall of Juvies but with Cole, you can just wreck the Scion and then get your ultimate up and ready so you can take practically no damage whatsoever.

This morning, I actually mastered The Warren with just Cole. He is THAT good.

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By Gods grace, I was somehow able to beat this hive today with clayton and lahni (me). Scions are still BS but at least only have one hive left to master(the trap).

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Did any of you guys solo Venom run last night? I didn’t want to bother with randoms anymore after a few fails. It would’ve been too frustrating on that hive. I did manage two complete solo runs on Incon with Ironman off after trying for a longer time than I care to admit, lol. Venom run Incon without Ironman is the same as Master except without the Ironman, correct? So you could say it’s equivalent to a solo Master run, if you were being generous. I don’t know how people could bear to do it on Master with Ironman on what with being booted to lobby after each fail. So what’s this post about? I guess it’s just aimed at people discussing how to solo the map either on Master or Incon without Ironman, mainly for people who have actually done it. Divulging what you did, how you did it, who you did it with, etc., is appreciated.

So I managed to solo with Infiltrator and then again with Gunner. With both classes, I only managed to complete it on the reject spawn (rejects spawn first). Other spawns (e.g. grenadiers, juvies first) caused too much trouble for me.

For infiltrator, I, as quick as possible, grabbed all shotguns, ammo, and stim, then made a break for it, dodging some juvies and a couple poppers along the way. I veered to the right at the fork and shotgunned the grenadiers for stim. Then, continued straight, took second right through rejects, dodging more poppers and juvies, before taking cover at the corner and flashing the mulcher scion. I ran by him and continued right until the narrow left passageway with the juvie mob. I shotgunned them for the stim, made the right into the large circular room before LZ, hugged the right, shotgunning some grenadiers along the way to keep stim up. I believe I flashed the scion at that point, shotgunned him for stim and made a break for the exit. I guarded the door, shotgunning anything that made it out onto the platform. Only took a few tries to do this.

Gunner, however, although requiring much the same strategy, was much more difficult to do it with. Instead of just flashing and shotgunning things, I had to time it so at each encounter I either used my ult. threw a flash, or used a mulcher I had picked up off a scion I had used my ult on. The path was same and I still required the same gun and ammo pickups at the beginning ammo room. There were differences in how I dealt with each encounter though.

At the first fork with the grenadiers, I couldn’t take them on like I could with Infiltrator, and also couldn’t afford to use a flash or my ult on them (I needed two flashes for the end part). So I had to just run by and hope my stim let me survive their shots (assuming I successfully dodged all juvie swipes on the way and still had stim). Sometimes stim saved me, sometimes it didn’t. On rare occasions I was able to run by without a scratch.

Instead of flashing the mulcher scion, I reflect shredder’ed him and took his mulcher. I had to move quick towards the narrow juvie passageway because there were still rejects and juvies trailing me. I mulchered the juvie mob just until I got my ult back from heavy charger. I had to keep pressing forward with the mulcher and couldn’t get too greedy here trying to kill every juvie because if I did the trailing reject would hammer me in the back and end the run. As soon as my ult got nearly charged, I’d drop the mulcher, dodge any remaining juvies and head out into the big circular room.

Then I’d hug the right again, like I did before, but I couldn’t deal with the grenadiers with shotguns, I needed to use Shredder. I’d wait until the last possible moment to use reflect shredder and then continually roll (to move faster through ultra stopping power) towards the cover piece in front of the mulcher scion. My flash had to be on point to flash that scion. If I missed, the run was finished. It wasn’t over yet after successfully flashing him. I had to focus my attention to the left passageway and flash the other scion who may or may not have been in view at that point. I found that if one of the scions didn’t get flashed, he’d make it out onto the LZ and end the run. On my successful run, I flashed both scions and neither made it out onto the LZ. I then cleaned up any poppers and rejects that got out with the shotguns I still had on me from the ammo room at the beginning.

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Kait can solo the thing now. Grab everything in the first supply room and shoot anything that tries to stop you. Decloakgnasher deletes the 2nd Mulcher and OVK spam can be used to kill the first one.

Even easier now than it was with old Cole

t. 30 mastered runs

no, there’s a hidden increase in enemy health and damage.

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30 solo master runs? lol, jk. If you did it with Blademaster, care to explain? I couldn’t make much progress with that class. Maybe I just don’t really know how to use it.

Ah, well, I suppose it might’ve worked on Master too but I didn’t care to go through the trouble of finding out and deal with Ironman.

50% with 3 ppl where 1 or 2 made it out. 20% where I “solo’d” the thing with Cole while everyone else died and 30% solo runs.

Imo this hive is a lot more enjoyable when played solo since you don’t have to babysit other player and can’t get blocked/flashed by them,

Never attempted solo with Lahni but I’d assume the usual with Brawler as 5th card to get rid of Juvies/Enemies quicker. Would be very tricky though and if you get the spawn where the entire final room is filled with Grenadiers it’s "gg ez " for them. Although the Ult could be used to close the gap between you and the helipad mulcher.
The final wave can also be tricky, it’s usually 7-8 grenadiers, 1 guaranteed Mulcher Scion and some Juvies/Popper. Manageable with Kait, different story with Lahni though.