Venom Resistance nerfed in the ground - Cole 5% away from invincibility

Whoever decided to nerf Lahni and Mac into the ground while making Cole almost invincible deserves a promotion. Removing Venom Resistance all together would have been the better choice even.

According to @TC_MichaelAOS, the Venom Resistance skill never was 50% in the first place(it should’ve been, at least for Mac) and they just corrected its description…


Well after playing Lahni today on Ice Queen I definitely noticed one major difference… Close Range res no longer seems to protect against Juvies which really sucks. I was trying to take the Juvies that show up on the bridge in the second act and literally always got downed immediately even if I swiped a Juvie and made it bleed. The damage was too much for Thrill Of The Hunt to kick in before getting downed by the Juvies.