Vanishing Iron- Why?

Hey y’all, I got a concern and I fear am not the only one.

Short story: Am losing Iron while not spending Iron.

Long story: Since the official release of Gears 5, I’ve held the 600 amount of Iron waiting to spend it once I got to the 700 Iron mark. I was initially planning on getting the Canadian flag (700 Iron), which I then decided to go with the Canadian skull banner(700 Iron) instead.
Everything was going well, as I was nearly on the tour to earn the 100 Iron reward…And then, Totem update.

I don’t know why, but since the Totem update, my Iron has been oddly vanishing. And not just one time, as it’s continuing to decrease even now. Just today, I went from 420 to 400 Iron! Plus, this is after I earned the 100 Iron when I was at 330 Iron.

Due to the role that Iron plays, and how Iron is 99% earned by using real money, with the only option being a tour rewards (500 Iron in total)- I find this to be inexcusable for the Coalition to over look this.

Hopefully, there’s someone that can help me, or at least know they’re not the only one dealing with this issue.

Did you reroll any daily objectives? That costs iron.

Unfortunately no, as this has only occurred once Totem came in (and no, I didn’t buy any characters).

Night before I was at 600 Iron, and next the day I went on Gears5 I was greeted with the Totem update with having only 350 Iron to my name.

Regarding the reroll, I only get to do the 0 cost one, as my 12hours work shifts limits my play time.

Not the same, but I lost some Scrap yesterday. I had 285 Scrap, went to buy the Classic Kait skin, and while it “purchased” it (and showed it as available in my customisation menu), I could not actually equip it and I only lost 80 Scrap. I thought that was confusing (namely because the skin costs 100 Scrap), and considering I couldn’t actually equip the skin, I closed the game and relaunched it. I had still lost that 80 Scrap, but it no longer showed me as owning the skin, and I spent another 100 Scrap to purchase it.
Where that 80 Scrap has gone, I have no clue. At the very least, I’m not overly concerned about it too much since it’s just Scrap over losing Iron, but still, would rather my currencies don’t disappear into the ether.

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I would either put in a support ticket with the Gears 5 website and/or message Octus on twitter. These are your best options to get the matter resolved

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Oh… yeah…

The totems work automatically by the way. Whether or not you craft them you can still get the “complete 40 rounds of versus” or whatever without crafting them.

I assume the system is bugged just like the rest of the game.


That happened with me after been rewarded in ToD, somehow it got duplicated, The iron was supposed to be 200, but it was doubled. It got corrected though :smile:

Also, the starting point of changing daily objectives is 0 Iron, then it gets capped up to 50, depends on the number of changes…