Vanguard and Heavy classes weak than the rest

I’m going to say it, the Support, Sniper and Scout are top tier classes and the Vanguard and Heavy lag far behind. The Support is versatile with its double action and surge ability, the Sniper can go on killing two whole packs of enemies with the cooldown resets of the Support and their own action gaining abilities and the Scout Recon is so useful and powerful as a grenadier, scout and case grabber/door opener. In comparison, the Vanguard and Heavy don’t have the repeat action abilities than can eliminate multiple mobs and keep going. The Heavy seems to me to be the most disappointing class, not one specialization is comparable to the top three tier classes in usefulness or efficiency. The Vanguard is similar and just cannot compete with the other three. Perhaps changing some of the skills of the Vanguard and Heavy would make them more competitive.

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