Valera has a new VA

Either that, or Laura Bailey has as much range as Michael Gough (he voices the Carmines as well as RE4’s Saddler).

Barrick sounds like he has the same VA, but he seems to have picked up a bit of a southern drawl, going by his voice expressions.

You wanna talk about range, check out this guy. He’s played multiple characters I recognize, and none of them sound alike.


She sounds great, she says more than 2 lines now.


So far, at least 2 classic quotes are recreated.

“Oh, that’s gross!”

She does not interact with RAAM or Tai. Probably with nobody.

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The guy also voices Deckard Cain in Diablo. He’s very talented.

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@Forza_Cali thoughts?


I have to wait a few hours until I get off work and install the updates.

1-10 how does she sound?

Hana 2.0 - another Akagi.

Hana :face_vomiting:

I actually like Akagi so I’m fine with it

I give her an 8-10.

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Not bad.

She sounds like she’s voiced by an actual Spanish type VA instead of someone imitating it, so there’s that.


Very interested. I’d say it fits her character more that way.

3’s Valera was barely any accent to her if I recall correctly.


Also at work, so can’t answer :frowning:

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@Forza_Cali right now


It honestly brought a sense of joy seeing her get an updated look.


Don’t mind my sloppy performance. Here’s a clip of Valera.

You should hear live action Garrus from Mass Effect while you’re here. (wait a bit and it’s really noticeable.)

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Dee Bradley Baker as well

His most important work though?

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I just wish his new voicelines weren’t so garbled and monotone

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