V-Day Skins The Push For Store Please

Push for store

V-Day Marcus (Gears 3)
V-Day Unarmed Marcus (Gears UE)
V-Day Dom (Gears 3)
V-Day Cole (Gears 3)
V-Day Baird (Gears 3)
V-Day Paduk (Gears Aftermath)


We’ve been pushing for these for 19 years now…

Must be serious if you guys have been wanting these since 2002


I don’t think Unarmed Marcus would fare too well in battle, especially if he’s unarmored too


Ehhh he’ll be alright. We got Outsider Kait and Workout Fahz running around and they’re fine.

Yes, but they’re armed.



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I mean, he could play tactically, stealthily, use cover intelligently, melee, kick, and meatshield…but it just seems inevitable that sooner or later he may get injured…

Armed with what though? Copy and paste? :wink:

Are you referring to unarmed Marcus…?

I’m sure tc has plan’s for v-day skins like they did in gears 4

I mean, is there really enough of a difference between V-Day Paduk & Kilo Paduk to warrant an entirely new skin?

I’m for all the others though, obviously.

The Aftermath Paduk has no wrist arm pad & it’s the only version of Paduk with out a pad on his arm pad.

I doubt it.


I hope they release the V-day skins soon. It would be fitting for this Op… and I REALLY hope they bring in Unarmored Marcus, too. That’s one of my all time faves.

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V-Day Gear, V-Day Medic, and V-Day Hoffman

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Plans to not do anything

Unarmed Marcus was also in gears 3

Tru but I do last seen

And Prescott?