Uzil sraak dlc idea

They should totally make a DLC on gears 5 where you play as the locust horde in the war against the Lambent. This would be absolutely incredible building off the story line on the rise of Raam.


Wouldnt it have to be a prequal to the comic? Didnt Raam kill him in the comic?

I gotta reread it lol


Yes. But theres a lot of events that took place in the Hollow. This campaign would include karn, skorge, raam and karn and introduce us to the ideas that raam had to invade the main land.

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That would definitely be something cool and different. I am going to reread them because now I feel like I dont remember a lot.

Also I feel theres so much potential to make spin off games without even touching the Pendulum Wars. I mean Gears 1 takes place 14 years after Eday, Theres so much they could explore just in that alone


Campaign dlc in Gears 5? With TC? Are you serious?