Uzil Sraak and General Raam as a boss in gears 5

Gears 5 is a very fun experience but it lacks enemy variety. Robots are not very interesting to fight. The bosses lack variety too. A lot of these bosses and enemies are from gears 4. And are nothing new. To fix this I propose we add at least 2 new bosses.

Uzil Sraak

Uzil is 12 feet tall, strong, heavily armored and fairly quick for his size.
He will sport his power armor which will protect him from all damage, his head will he exposed but protected by an energy shield which is impervious to bullets and explosives. His armor is destructible so eventually pieces will break off given they take enough damage. Once the chest piece is broken the energy shield will disable and the head will be exposed. Uzil will utilize a breaker mace in one hand and a multcher in the other. Once his health is 3 quarters gone or his armor is completely gone he will go into a fit of rage and sprint at the players wielding a mace, he’s slightly quicker than a warden and has the ability to jump like the matriarch and slam his mace to create a shockwave. The enemies occupying the round he’s in will be Theron guards and Theron elites. The Theron guards will be equipped with torque bows and lancers while the Theron elites Will spawn less but will use retro lancers and have the ability to bayonet charge you. These elite and regular Theron guards will use hunter and hunter elite AI but without the grenades and cloaking. They will also sport more health and helmets that need to be shot off like the grenadiers.

General Raam:

General raam will be 10 feet tall and walk slow to medium speed. Kinda like a speed walk. He will have a kryll shield and wield a multcher. While the kryll shield is activated he is invincible but it can only be deactivated with explosives or fire. However the kryll will come back after a short time. If his shield is broken and he receives too much damage he will be enraged and will roar and run at you wielding his knife and if your in his path you will be impaled similar to the bayonet charge. His enragement will last 10 seconds then he’ll return to normal. When his health bar is drained 3 quarters down he will be permanently enraged and will no longer use the multcher he will only use his knife. When he’s enraged he will have no kryll shield . He can throw two frags at a time when enraged and one when he’s in a normal state.
The enemies that will appear in the round he spawns in will he the same as Uzil Sraak.

No swarm or robots will spawn in these rounds only locust enemies.

I know this isn’t realistic but general raam and uzil are already modeled in game all they would need to do is make the model bigger and add the necessary ai and destructible elements I was talking about. The audio shouldn’t be hard to add either since raam has a lot and Uzil would be the only one they would actually need to work hard on since he’s the most original.


They should just do single player DLC.

Basically it will involve the player pressing A and watching a cut scene of…

General Raam being brought back to life by some sort of Kryll Queen and then annihilating everyone in the Gears world.

Thus creating a chance for Gears to start fresh from the beginning.

The raam boss sounds okay I guess but Sraak wielding a breaker Mace and mulcher? If TC does add these two they’ll give these characters their own weapon sets. RAAM would most likely play like he did in Gears UE and Sraak would get his own animations and weapon as well.

Twelve feet tall? I would have thought them both more Scion/ Warden sized.:thinking:

Read the comics.

Can’t milk players when you have to put in actual effort

Why have a bunch of old stuff as a boss in the game when you have a boss from the game not in the game? SMH.

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Gears 5 Horde has a rather bland selection of enemies that hardly differentiates itself from the previous game in that regard.
I heard the idea of bringing back the pre-swarm locust and lambent enemies to diversify the experience thrown around. Of course, it likely won’t happen because it probably can’t be ported easily. Plus, I’m not sure if there are legal issues with that seeing as it would be taking concepts from a game that Epic Games made previously.
If they did bring in new enemies it could allow for more skill card diversity, for example: Griffin could take less damage from lambent death explosions or killing a lambent will explosives will cause a poison AoE damaging non-lambents.
I went on a bit of a tangent there, but that’s my thought.

I’ve had a thought similar to that. Rather than make RAAM - and other prominent swarm side characters like Myrrah - bosses in PvE, maybe make them playable characters with their own skills and ultimate abilities. (Which now that I say that seems even more unlikely with the separation of characters and classes on the horizon).
I know some (maybe most) people are thinking:
“That wouldn’t make sense!”
And I agree… but we have FFA where Gears and Swarm massacre each other indiscriminately. I realize it could cause some confusion and hesitation in players but just make those swarm side characters glow blue. DeeBee was Swarm last game and people seem to have adjusted to the character switching sides alright.