Using Backup Data for Gears 5

Hi, i recently decided to install Gears 5 and i downloaded the data for XBSX on my windows, it’s a 110Gb file, i transferred the file to my exHDD and my console recognize it as a Gears 5 game and it’s 110Gb exactly as it should be.
problem is when i try to move or copy the file to my internal HDD on console , it transfers a 54Gb file which is the mandatory base game file without full features like multiplayer,customization etc. and i have to download those things again which i did before on my PC so it’s a bummer.
can i do something that my console use that 110Gb file as it is and copy the whole thing so i don’t have to download full features again?


If I’m understand correctly your question… No, you cannot move an HDD from Windows 10 with Gears 5 installed into your Xbox and expect to launch Gears 5 from it using the same file.

If you want an HDD to store games and launch games from it to an Xbox console, you first have to format it (all done in the console) as a device for doing so. And if you do, you cannot use it to store music/videos/documents etc.

Also, if you only have a Windows 10 PC I can say, annecdotically, that you can have issues moving it from HDD to SSD or viceversa. I tried to move from external HDD to internal SSD and found that it didn’t move the extra downloads and asked to download everything again (all Multiplayer / Customization / Campaigns contents) so if you are playing on Windows, best to keep it only in one place and not to move it around.

it’s possible to download xbox games data with PC, it’s also possible to transfer those data from PC to console with external hard drives, that was what i meant, i’m not trying to move a windows gears data to console and expect it to recognize it, it’s xbox data and as i said the console recognize it