US East Team Deathmatch Servers?

Among the variable list of things to complain about regarding the how they’ve reintroduced TDM into ranked, there is one aspect that bothers me more than anything else. Somehow, I’ve only managed to get into an East US server once throughout the 25-40 matches we’ve played of the game mode. It appears to be giving everyone the Central US server in which maybe 1-2 players in the whole match have 30ms ping or less.

I’d be inclined to believe that the population has dropped off, but that doesn’t make that much sense since throughout the last three Gears of Wars I’ve never had an issue finding TDM games on East US servers. Can anyone attest to primarily ending up in US East servers or has anyone experienced this as of late?

It has been like that for me ever scince they took away the option to pick a sever to play on like Gears of War Ultimate Edition still does. Which people still play social TDM daily on both the east and west coast servers.

I live in the Pacific Northwest and get around 40ms ping time to the west coast server but every match i play in is on one of the central servers at 60 to 70ms.

They keep trying to blame it on the lower player population during non peak times but this is the norm no matter when I play. They obviously have not learned from their mistake and keep trying to revive their dieing MP game.

I have been trying to get them to revert it back to the way it was when gears 4 came out but the best they could muster was custom games that you can pick from.

My suggestion to TC. Just let us pick the server we play on from the matchmaking options like it was originally in Gears of War 4 and still is in Gears of War Ultimate Edition. Then focus on why a higher ping(slower connection) causes lower ping(faster connection) to have problems playing the game. This will bring players back and keep them playing long into the life of the game.

Gears of War 4 worked amazing even with all those tuning updates because I could stay on my nearest server with the least amount of lag possible. Then a bunch of players cried about people not playing on the right server and making them lose games. All that crying lead to the update that took away our option to pick a server to play on which caused player population to decline rapidly and did not solve anything. This is what we are now stuck with because TC has decided that everybody is playing games where they should be even though they are not.

Lots of variables go into this since they introduced ranks.

Not everyone in your region is the same rank & is on at the same time.

But I don’t know about pings anymore.

Pings just tell me how far from the server I am from.

I’m from Texas. So if I play with a friend whose hosting in New York my ping is 40-80, but very stable. Anywhere around my region I’m 20-35. In the UK I’m 90-150.

Just depends on variables. Too many variables for the system to give you only people in your area. It does make a difference if someone’s out of the country but not so much in the same country, I’ve noticed.

I’d be inclined to believe that ranking limitations was the culprit except that this has exclusively been my experience from Bronze through currently Onyx during evening hours (9pm EST). During those same hours before the changes TDM underwent there was much more variability between ending up in an East, Central, or South server.

My best guess is that coding is simply throwing everyone onto Central servers to mass together the population. This is also going to basically show as 20-60 ms ping regardless of where you are in the United States. Obviously I’ll take the mid-range ping over getting matched to European servers, but I just found this curious since it has been exclusively happening within TDM came back into the rotation. Also I haven’t had issues finding Eastern servers in other ranked modes.

im having an issue with this too. I should be in US west(40-50ping) but in 80% of my matches I will get tossed to a server that hovers around the 70-80 range.

is there a discrepancy between what we see in the Matchmaking Data Center Screen and actual in-game ping times?