Urgent Message! Gears 5 on life support!

Rank System is a flop. Flashbang adjustment? This game need a life saving Adrenaline shot! Where did the Gears Franchise go wrong? How did Gears 1 made over a decade ago, smaller team, and smaller budget to work with. Make one of the best games ever to be made. And build the player base/ following worthy of the phrase “Power Title” that we know of today.

So years later with Gears 5 , bigger budget, and a huge development team manage to ruin the franchise, and alienate the player base? Not only that. But Don’t really seem too worried about it either. Here is feedback from a player in the forums I read today.
(How about you stop treating gears 5 like a freemium game, engage your community before you lose them. A handful of pros wont keep your game alive your damn customers who are trying to get you away from your facebook/mobile game development days and make you a fully fledged triple aaa developer that has a happy community.
(If you didnt know 95% of the coalition were facebook/mobile freemium devs before gears 4/5 explains alot)

At what point have you listened to the community. You havent, and as per your last stream if you think 4 tours to nail it is acceptable then you have big problems. You wont have players considering on steam your barely breaking 500 players a week and xbox players being on a down swing( case and point lfg 1 month into gears 4 there were over 3000 posts hourly… gears 5 isnt breaking 54 at peak hours and you cant use the excuse everyone is squaded up)

That says a lot about how we arrived today. The Coalition is losing players faster than you can say “We installed a trigger freeze on shotgun play to nerf the skill gap!” You need to hit the panic button! You would think some heads would roll after releasing such a bad product! So I guess the question is what should they do? Or willing/care to do?

In my opinion the Coalition got too “Grounded in Diversity” And took the Grit, Blood, and Skill out of gameplay. And installed an everyone gets a trophy mentality. With killing the skill gap, adding rainbow banners, and fluorescent Pink shot gun skins. Now I’m not judging what you do in your personal life Coalition. But it does not need to bleed onto the players.

So I don’t want to hear we can’t do this ,or that excuses. Add more maps. Add a ton of free skins, Add more free characters. And adjust the game play as close to Gears 1 as possible. Basically throwing a hail mary to get this game back on track with the players. To maybe make a mends. And bring back the gameplay, and players you slammed the door on.


Versus gameplay is so bad. Going from GOW4 to G5 is like trading your new Audi in for an Amish cart.

I could take the bugs, the MTX, the whole bit if the gameplay itself is good.


Gears 1 had a small budget and small team? What the hell are you talking about. It was a multi-million dollar investment from Microsoft and Epic that was being floated by Unreal Engine 3.

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I disagree… Gears 4 gameplay might feel good but compared to Gears 3 and esp. Gears1UE it’s pretty bland and weightless

That’s cool, but it’s a completely different comparison than the one I was making.

Smaller than now. My bad. But if that’s all you got from this, than I dunno.

Still true