Ur rank systems broke.. heres why

People achieve the rank they want then stop playing, taking up a spot in that rank… making it harder for ppl to get in. Thats why nobody is moving more than 2% of wins and losing mega % at losses :cry::cry::cry::laughing::laughing: its so dumb


I thought they removed that

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Can confirm. Just won 3 games in a row and don’t move up. Lost 1 game and dropped 12%. I feel like at this point TC has just given up on this game and it’s ranking system.

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Where can you see your percentage? I would assume the war journal as I type this.
But I find that I have to play a couple of days for my rank to change. And it goes up nicely.

You can see your stats on this site, as well as win percentage, percentage to next rank, etc,.

Ah noice. Cheers.

Yes it is broken this way i have stopped playing ranked games

All my friends stopped playing ranked because of broken ranking system i hope gears 5 have better ranking system or remove ranking system

I have the same problem, the statistics doesn’t increase! Please TC fix it!