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UPTIME percentage what is it?

Wtf is UPTIME? Why does it matter? Its in stats for all game modes. What exactly does it track? Why would it be important?

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Should be pretty obvious it refers to the amount of time you’re playing compared to the amount of time you spend waiting to respawn/dead.

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Agreed obvious. Why is it relevant? It’s not even really tracked. Its just there in the stats like a place holder.

I mean isn’t it good to know? The categories help me determine what I’m doing wrong, and where I can improve.

Here I see my uptime is lacking in Guardian. However, I also see my KD as leader is great, which leads me to believe I recklessly throw my life away too much when I’m not leader and perhaps I should slow down somewhat.

And in this example, one of my teammates I frequently play with has great elims per minute, but his actual kills are lacking which leads us to believe he’s playing too much support and needs to increase his aggression.

or this poor soul who sent me their statistics tonight. They’d never looked at their numbers online before, and had no idea they weren’t even in the top 50% of players when it came to being alive in game. I mean if these were your stats, wouldn’t this be a hell of an eye-opener? “Holy S**t I’m dying WAY too much and need to play smarter vs harder”… I think nearly all the categories are useful in helping you determine what you need to improve upon… Except wins… That’s a legitimately worthless stat other than determining if someone simply needs to win more in order to progress through the ranks.

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