Upgrading new skill cards glitch (like op4)

I found a new card (was for “Lahni”, don’t remember the name) that I could upgrade for 0 coins (I didn’t play any horde/escape yet).

I was surprised because maybe TC give a “free” new card. I upgraded the card and I lost coins.

Is exactly the same glitch for OP4. This happened only with that card, I didn’t have any problem with the rest of the new cards.

So be aware of that.

I noticed the coin upgrade cost doesn’t show any longer until you go view the skill directly in the skill selection menu rather than in class selection window.

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slightly off-topic but I noticed you can spend Coin to advance Character levels like cards but it’s not showing me how much it costs.

how much does it cost to bump up a lv17?

I believe this is what you were looking at, that it would buy the selected highlighted skill card, if you had enough Gears Coins and if they were not maxed already. It seems you shouldn’t , and instead view them through card selection screen. There was no such thing as buying class levels anyway.

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ok, It was on the opposite side of the screen with no cards highlighted so I though they added that functionality.

I think it’s a UI display bug as I remember coin cost showing if you hovered over the skills in the class selection in Op 4(eg the menu showing the class level, description, etc,). Doesn’t do that now and you have to go into skill selection itself to see the coin prices.

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