Upgrade character menu doesn't respond anymore (Gears5 PC)

Recently got back into horde to clean up some last minute tour stuff. I used to be able to press C in between waves to upgrade my character. The icon prompt had recently been changed to Y but nothing I press seems to work when I press any key and there is no option in menus to rebind that command in particular. So am I not supposed to upgrade my character anymore? Anyone found a way to fix this that isn’t to plug in a controller?


If your controller scheme setting is on anything but default, the keyboard keys don’t work for upgrades.

Why this happens is a mystery and frankly, ridiculous.

Set the controller scheme back to default and your keyboard keys will work again :+1:

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i play on alternate controller scheme. I’ll give this a shot. THANK YOU!

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edit: nvm.

Let me know if it works for you too :+1:

SO under DEFAULT controller scheme the keyboard commands I have set CUSTOM map and work just fine.

Immediatelyy after switching my controller to alternate mode again it for whatever reason messes up the game and all customized key binds for my PC. This makes no sense and I don’t see the reasoning behind this interaction. At a loss for how silly this is.

That said I’m really glad you came along to help me tech the issue.

Going forward I suppose I’ll have to play my keyboard and mouse style using Default controller settings because apparently that’s how things work in topsy turvy land

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