Updates to ToD System

This post is to generate a constructive thread on how the ToD system can be improved upon and the way the currency system is tied into the ToD.

To begin, I’ve been having an overall good experience on gears 5 despite the problems with early access. I play all game modes and love to grind out this game. However, not every gears player is the player I am. Is an not going to go in depth of why I think the problems I’ll list below are problems in this intro, but will expand more down in the thread if asked to. I do believe there should be improvements added to the ToD system and the currency associated with it. Here are some problems I have with the system as of launch:

-It requires you to play all game modes to achieve daily missions.
-It is tied to their iron system
-There’s not enough less grindy free star options.

Improvements that can be made to the system:

-Adding filters to your objectives: this will allow players who exclusive play modes/want-grind-a-mode such as mp, horde, or escape can get objectives only for those game types while they play.

-Weekly Objectives: this will add weekly objectives that will help you earn stars for the tour of duty outside of dailies. They will be more grindy but not as overwhelming as the ones that are supposed to be completed throughout the three months. It’ll also allow plays who exclusive play a game mode earn stars they wouldn’t otherwise get from other game types.

-Adding Scraps to ToD: adding scraps as an option along side of iron to use when rerolling your objectives. It’s claimed that the ToD is a way to get skins for free, but to get more than 4 objects a day you have to spend money to do so. That is not free, and giving the player the choice to spend money on new objectives or use in game currency is closer to free than not.

Let’s have a constructive conversation on how we can improve this system.