(UPDATED 104 RESPONSES) Collecting a Fan Synopsis of the State of Gears and Gears 5

I’ve done something similar to this before, but I intend on Tweeting any responses I get at the Devs on Twitter until I am either blocked or get an answer that suits me.

Through that link you’ll find a Survey on Google (That does not require a Sign-In, or at least it shouldn’t), this Survey is short and multiple choice. I’ll list all the questions here so you can be prepared before you go into it.

Also the global responses should be accessible through that link after people start to respond to the Forum.

Update as of 7/2/20, 9pm PST (104 Responses)

The Optional Write-In, these are the highlights I found

  • More Attention to PvE
  • “VS map editor, more VS maps (and quicker as well), more old school characters, Mexico needs their own server (us West Coast players get routinely screwed), a rework of the entire ranking system THAT ACTUALLY WORKS, better stat keeping, show ranks of everyone at the end and before of games like Gears 4 did, reduce power on some assault rifles.” (I personally disagree as I’m West Coast and do quite well connection wise).
  • “No heroes, less drip feed of everything, better balance than the atrocious current balance in Horde/PvE, more character skins per week in the Store, an actually decent skin for Lizzie. A notice for the question about content : It is not what we need until the MP modes are fixed to be in a better position than now. But it isn’t an option(my personal preference would be Campaign DLC - new maps aren’t gonna make Horde less of a borefest). Also, Gears UE is not listed as a choice but I played it instead of the ‘06 Gears.”
  • “I think the store and refresh rate or amount of content provided in the store needs to be fixed. Entire tours should start with a tour limited store that gets added to throughout the operation. This coupled with a new incetive way to earn bits of iron without the cash interations here or there need to be added to provide longevity and weight towards the grind. Skins need to stop being broken up into these bs classes. But for a complete blue level weapon set to cost $20 a piece is to much. I know they have already lowered price but it still feels as if they are trying to make the most of of what they can still charge. But for me personally i only buy the loadouts cause seperatly buying the rest just isnt worth it to me(again why a bit of incentive iron rewards needs to be available, via extra tour stars, winning mvp, winning match, or playing certain amounts) besides all that BRING BACK GAURDIAN!!!”

TL:DR, the community seems to hate the TOD, Store and Hero system as is; feel like PvE is being left out. AND WE WANT GUARDIAN BACK.

(This is a side not but I’ve recently gone back to Gears 3 so I can chip away at that Seriously 3.0 for my favorite (or 2nd favorite depending on when you catch me) game. And so far playing Gears 3’s horde, which has no customization as to bases and no hero system, feels a lot funner than Gears 5’s. Mainly because Instagib and Big Head Mode will never not be funny. BRING BACK MUTATORS!)

Here’s the Tweet I’ve sent to Gears/Dana.Octus (didn’t know who else to tag) hopefully traffic or attention might get their heads up to this rather serious issue.


Awesome idea and questions :smile: Filled out!


Great work with the survey, I hope TC see this.

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I even participated

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Filled out.

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Filled out :+1:

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Done, though my answers are very predictable :joy:

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Well one of the questions specifically caters to you so I’d hope so in a way.

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done man … its filled up now :slight_smile:

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I did my part :hugs: it’s good to have an actual survey instead of some of the ones I’ve seen where it’s just yes but in different forms.

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Done thanks for the survey :sunglasses:

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Just did this. TOD is too tedious for me to wanna complete, its seriously intimidating and time consuming. I want the items but I dont wanna have to play horde, escape and versus every day unless I want to.

We need a battle pass. Allow for direct purchases from the battle pass for iron, or 9.99 gets you whatever comes to the store for that 3 months. Idk. We need something different.

I remember when people said predator and arnold were gonna be playable lol. I was down with running around as the predator.

Truly believe 1 shot down returning would benefit gears 5 the most. I’ve made threads talking about it and videos, overall consensus is people are open to trying it in the dev playlist. Hopefully this happens and we see if theres any potential there.

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The TOD is just a free battle pass, that’s all it is with a boost component and the medals. I think it needs more (better) content, or more content per tier. As of now if you play an hour a day and do 5 bounties you can finish the TOD in 5-6 weeks. 2-3 weeks with Boost.

Lmfaoo Pahanu 24/7

That should be an achievement


I’m just disappointed that “FOR THE QUEEN!” isn’t in the lead, it’s being beaten by “FOR THE COG!”


I mean kind of, but I would rather see an actual battle pass instead of these joke operation bundles. I think players would rather give TC 10 bucks 4 times a year for 3 months worth of content, opposed to the current system. I mean apex does well with a battle pass, and its offerings are just a BR mode, not anywhere near what gears 5 has [escape, horde]. Just throwing out ideas on how to pull away from the current store and show TC they can make money and give the community content that doesnt feel drip fed.

Edit: maybe keep the tod as the free battle pass to grind, and make a battle pass just for the store?

I did for horde as the queen was kind of secret in gow1 :o


Apex is also free where people might’ve paid 60-100$ for Gears 5. If not more for the console.

Putting a pay-only BP like that in Gears 5 would be another spit in the face, that’s why I’m glad that the TOD is at least free, I just think it needs more content and the Store needs to be fixed.

The pay-only BP in Modern Warfare and For Honor are annoying in full-price games.

Also the OP Bundles are just shortcuts for the characters, as well as a good deal on weapon sets and Iron. The only part that relates to the TOD is the extra boost.