Update update update

what’s the new update for

Probably new achievements or some other useless junk that doesnt actually solve this game’s real issues.

They said it in this week’s What’s up :

" * Added additional server-side tuning functionality for the new changes in the upcoming Competitive 2.8 Beta

  • UI: The Markza now correctly shows a 7 bullet clip when using Competitive Tuning
  • UI: Marks are now visibile in Spectator Cam
  • Achievements: Fixed a bug preventing “You Are The Support Son!” being unlocked when using the Standard Enemy List
  • Achievements: Fixed an exploit allowing accelerated progression of Lancer and Hammerburst Mastery achievements by using other weapons
  • Outer Wild Kait’s hair now animates as intended
  • Fixed an bug that caused potential audio issues on Checkout, Drydock, Old Town and Harbor
  • Small miscellaneous fixes"