Update? Tooooooday?

(magicalpig76) #23

Maybe our connections are too good. Tomorrow I am going to try running Xbox through VPN

(Krylon Blue) #24

The speeds don’t actually matter unless you’re using more bandwidth than you’re given. The issue is ping and the lower it is the worse off you are. There are a select few who claim this is false but the majority agree that high ping gains an advantage while also making the whole match feel sluggish and inconsistent for the low pings. When I have a low ping I get random teleports and the enemy sponges. When I played on the Europe server with @III_EnVii_III as a test I never teleported once and all my shots registered even though I had a 95-100ms ping. In other words, the higher my ping the more consistent it is.

(magicalpig76) #25

If I run through my VPN and choose a VPN server distant from all GOW servers, that should increase my ping ( I can’t believe I’m devising ways to sabotage my ping for this game)

(Krylon Blue) #26

I’ve read some players have already said this improves their connection majorly which is ridiculous in itself because they intentionally spiking it. Personally, I’d rather just avoid a game all together if I have to go through hoops to make it play fairly. If having top 1% internet in the USA with a quality router (hard wired) isn’t enough than I give up.

(buscobuzzy) #27

Had another issue happen twice today while playing horde. First some players have felt like the movement of the characters have changed, regards to sticking to the wall more and gun delayed for shooting. For the horde issue say I have shock grenades and ran out, twice I have gone for Frags to replace them and it shows on the screen you made the swap but when you go to use them they’re gone. I love Gears and do get frustrated from time to time because I know TC is trying to make it better but each update they fix one and break two! After 2 years major bugs should of been fixed by now. I know they say our staff is aimed at Gears 5 which I and most players get but there is no sign that 5 will be any better when you can’t fix 2 year issues. A band-aid is not a fix.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #28

FWIW, the update included a fix in private VS modes. Now, choosing “gnasher only” no longer eliminates the pickup weapons. You can run gnasher only and still pickup snipe, nades, etc.

If TC reads this, picking up a meat shield in this mode is glitchy because you have no means of defending yourself and you will sometimes have no weapon (empty hands) when you drop meat shield.

(III EnVii III) #29

I don’t like that weapons are in with Gnasher Only …

(Me0wMix CatFood) #30

You can remove them in the weapons substitution options. Again, this is private only.

I like it because I practice trick shots and power weapon use on bots and it’s annoying AF to be constantly lazered by HB and lancer.

(magicalpig76) #31

My attempts to run Xbox through VPN didn’t work out (an option I didn’t try is to flash new firmware my router but didn’t want to go through that.) I decided to take time off to learn tournament controls. I’ll keep an eye on these threads to see when TC finally acknowledges this problem from the last update.

(buscobuzzy) #32

I hate to be a pessimist but TC still won’t acknowledge issues that have been with the game for 2 years. Their typical excuse is they’re working on gears 5 which we as players have no reason it will be any better when like said earlier you had full staff to work on 2 year issues but rather ignored them and acted like what issues, like core players won’t notice things.

(magicalpig76) #33

they said 200 ms ping is still within the bounds of what is reasonable. That might be true in a certain context such as where players have roughly the same ping as one another. Maybe things get bad for the person with a 25ms ping in a match among 90-200ms players. That’s been my experience anyway. It’s as if my perspective of where objects (including my own character) are on the map doesn’t match the ultimate reality of where things are as governed by the server.

(Al Bundy 33hero) #34

I remember that and it’s such a BS statement. They said it’s on-par with other AAA titles but what other games have character movement that shifts as quickly as GOW?? I can’t think of one. It’s like taking a formula 1 car and putting it on a gravel road. It’s going to perform like garbage.