Update? Tooooooday?

W hat was the update today?
i had 1 looooool

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Must be for the new packs and what not but cool we got a new update loooool

I cant find a match since updating… New maps?

Looooool no new maps

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loooool no new maps loooool


Oh great, I’m downloading now and was hoping for a Drivers fix…

It has to do with a minimum rank requirement to enter Ranked Play. You need to be level 10 I believe

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Holy ■■■■,

Maybe they’re finally listening… I hope it is 10 re-up and not just level 10.

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Definitely this was NOT for hit registration because shot a guy 4 times point blank with a Boltok and then got blasted with a Gnasher and said 2 hits 88%. Does TC know for 2 years they have a server and shot registstion problem? (Sarcasm)


Nope. Level 10 only.

Better than nothing I suppose

Oh! Oh! I want to! Can I? Ok…


Ah. In the words of the Queen:

“That, was oddly satisfying.”


my game seems to freeze even more now

ugh what garbage

i mean, why don’t they release the patch notes?

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what did they do in this update? movement seems completely off. I was using a different controller than I normally use but that shouldn’t make a big difference; right? I hate this game more than ever after this update!

My whole group was noticing this too. I can’t tell if it’s lag creating the issue or if something changed in the update but it’s definitely unplayable for me right now. I had more than 10 instances tonight where I pulled the trigger and nothing happened so I had to pull it again.

after taking break for hour, restarting xbox, it was better in some ways. Movement not as sluggish for instance. Still a mess though in terms of hit detection, extra delay in firing gnasher, overall feel. I think they snuck some changes into update or maybe rolled out update to servers too which affected netcode

Every match I played tonight was horrible and I couldn’t stand by and accept it any longer. I have a 6TB hard drive and I’m within an inch of deleting it even though I have tons of space. It pissed me off that much.

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I want to know why some of us seem to be much more affected than others. Maybe you and I have something in common that is causing such a bad, unpredictable experience. Hopefully it’s something we are able to change.
Here’s what I can say about myself:

  • 200 mbps cable internet
  • ISP = Optimum Online
  • ethernet to 100mbps router
  • Xbox One
  • standard controller
  • NAT=Open
  • north east united states
  • social quickplay usually
  • solo (not in party)
  • no other internet usage except maybe a podcast streaming

*940 Mbps Download, 250 Mbps Upload (100% Fiber to the house)
*Ethernet to ASUS Gaming Router
*Xbox One X
*Elite Controller
*Open NAT
*Illinois, just south of downtown Chicago.
*Ranked KotH but I experience this in all Ranked/Social playlists
*Mostly in a group but also happens when Solo
*Internet usage may vary including various streams but with my bandwidth it doesn’t even matter.

Ping stays steady and depending on if it’s a CENTRAL/EAST server or West determines if I’m below 40ms or up to 60ms. Enemy pings always fluctuate like crazy.

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