Update today is

822MB…yes i said MB

For the store probably?

Good point, I don’t know if that’s the whole thing or a piece

I got a 822.10 MB download file. I think it’s accurate. But I will fire up the game to test the Lizzie Silverback bug fix afterwards, so it will be easy to verify if this is the thing or not.

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Mine is:


I’m confused…
Are you saying it that way as to imply it is larger or smaller than you were anticipating…

I mean I certainly didn’t think it was going to be 822 GB.

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I wish it was 822gb… the worst connections out there wouldn’t be able to play for months! I’d be done in a few hours at worst. And that’s because of a Windows Store bandwidth limitation rather than my internet. On Steam, maybe an hour or so, lol.

… pipe dreams. :smiley:


I am anxious to find out about Lizzie and the Ultimate Silverback

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It seems fixed for me. Tested deliberate destruction solo in both Horde and Escape with no disconnection.


Lizzie ultimate is fixed,also the explosive at kill card.
Baird fixed,no more bleeding barriers.
Lahni still no claw in fabricator,and pilfer drop at execution not working yet.

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What was this?

Explosive Munitions. The skill that makes kills in defense mode for the Silverback(activated by pressing Y on Default, don’t know it for other control schemes on the controller) explode. There’s better ones to use in my view, but it’s there if you want it.

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Ok, right, I saw that card, haven’t used it yet since I hardly ever go into defence more. (With alt it’s B)

Enemies still instakill on Escape when youre downed…

I basically never use the defense mode either. It at least serves a purpose in Campaign to get the Silverback rockets. But Horde or Escape? More useful to just stay mobile. Since it doesn’t unlock anything other than letting a teammate use the machine as cover, it currently seems a bit pointless.