Update today Feb 2, 2021

What is this update about? 1.3 GB on One X.

Small fixes that don’t rlly fix the majority of complaints with the game. No re-up changes either. I scrolled through very fast, and got the general gist of it, and forgot about it.

Oh wait I remember ONE good thing and has to do with their abandoned game mode gridiron. End zones can be contested and the respawns for flag is delayed by a bit. Interesting fixes to the game type. But then again any changes and fixes and experimentation for gridiron was much needed. Irks me that they just let it die off for so long without addressing issues. Could’ve been good. Still has potential. But with everything wrong with the tuning now and the population…eh not so much.

Saw they disabled in game text chat but you can re-enable it under options.

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Do we know what the reup changes are??

Not yet.

Update: should find out later today


Iirc they announced this on the TWIG as well.

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True but given how many times the announcement got delayed I felt it was prudent to wait til it was close :slight_smile: