Update stuck at 100% (Hivebuster update)

Tried searching, but didn’t see anything related to today’s update. I updated Gears 5 before starting it. I start the game after it’s done, then I’m told Gears 5 is requesting another update. I say yes, and now it’s stuck at 100%. Same thing’s happening to my sister. Anyone have any suggestions?

I think the Hivebuster campaign might be downloading in the background, as the file size is increasing and Gears 5 doesn’t recognize the DLC as being downloaded, but I can’t be sure.

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Whatever you do if you manually clear it from your game queue it’ll delete the entire game from your xbox had this happen earlier today am now currently reinstalling the game on my xbox.

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Had a feeling since the update is 40GB and counting.

Yup don’t make my mistake man. I was not impressed to say the least.

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