Update size please?

At work until late. Wondering about today’s update size if you can please. It should be able to be download in 3 mins

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12.5 GB not terrible


Guess it’s time to whip out my wallet and start the grind for the next 3 months

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Is anyone else having “Updating… 0.0%”?

Seems stuck.


Mines on 18.%. I’m pretty sure Microsoft has problems with downloading games via WiFi. Because sometimes when I go to update or download a game it says it’s downloading then sits on 0 forever. Usually restarting my Xbox fixes it or pausing and restarting the download


My console does that constantly, usually requires me to restart and it will properly start afterwards. Sometimes it is actually downloading too but won’t update the percentage until its finished or I restart my console.


I’ve solved it.

Apparently had to go to Games & App > Queue > Pause > Resume.

And it works.


12.88GB… That’s much bigger than anticipated. overnight download for me…


Yep. Me too. With downloads that size, we will miss out on the first days TOD objectives.

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Okay thanks everyone!!

I’m currently at work, and just hoping the update downloads on it’s own before I get home. Otherwise Operation 2 will likely have to wait until tomorrow.

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Yes I had to restart xbox

Started the update and it is saying it is 54 gigs?

Well… That’s not right

12.88 GB for me (Xbox One X)