Update on Seriously 5.0 Chapter 2 Achievement Issues

Does anyone know how much weighs the campaign on Incon diff ? I think this is the last thing I need to achieve and so I could check if my 85% are correct or not.
I don’t want to redo the campaign even more on Incon if it will not lead to get this achievement.

Hivebusters isn’t needed, sounds like a map hasn’t counted unfortunately.

15% for the campaign, 1% per chapter, so sounds like you’re on track.

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Still no news on a fix for the Versus achievements? It’s been months…

Sadly nothing.

thats just normal, i would be shocked if they would fix something quickly :wink:
expect shop things where you can buy with real money, i cant remember back in time that something with this part get fix slowly :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this counts as news because:

First, it’s from a month ago and also isn’t a fix for those achievements

At least for me this answer went from keeping those achievements as glitched and not trying versus trying again and unlocked Covering Fire and maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow unlock Nothin’ but bits and Absolute damage.

I speak only for what happened to me, but I had the glitch that double your achievements progression at the end of December.

After that when I tried Covering fire, I spent almost a week without the tracking moving until the tracker finally catched up and started adding %

A weird thing was that one day I got a 1% extra on every achievement when I started the game.

Some days later I unlocked Covering. After that I focused on Nothin’ and after my tracker % catched up with my real kills, I didn’t have any other extra % ever again.

So I’m thinking that maybe Nothin’ is the real problem (for good or bad).

That’s what I thought, percentages were overestimated for a while. The thing is… Why can’t it go back to the actual %? We’re completely in the dark. Since a few weeks I’m counting my kills (7000+) and I’m still stuck at 57% since January. :grimacing:

Well I have several people on my friends list who only have 45,000-50,000 kills yet have the achievement, so it’s very messed up. Though that does give me hope it may pop for me sooner than I expect!

It would be great to unlock this early and be one step closer to being free from this absolute torture.


Because that’s not how the Xbox one achievement progress works, it can’t ever reduce, for any game achievement.

I think only those that were halfway or more there when that issue occurred got the achievements early.

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This makes sense, but I sincerely hope not. I cannot emphasise just how tedious it is grinding for this wholly unnecessary amount of kills/assists.

I’m on 59% for seriously 5.1 and 84% for seriously 5.2 with no campaign done yet at all… I’ve done all horde maps and escape. Does this mean I’m missing a horde or escape map from seriously 5.1 basically? As I remember correct if not insane campaign is 40% on seriously 5.1 and Icon campaign on seriously 5.2 is 15% ? I haven’t even done the campaign on normal yet btw.

It seems so yes. I was in the same situation except that I was at 85% without the campaign on Incon diff. I started 3 days ago the campaign and I saw my % rising according to the progress.
I didn’t not check exactly but @AceMcCloud told me it was 1% for each chapter and it seems correct on my side (act3 and 4 are still ongoing).

Hivebuster campaign is not needed btw

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Seems about right. I haven’t even done the camping on normal.

Well I damn hope not. On Inconceivable, maybe, but to camp on normal? Pfft!

:rofl: does anyone know if completing the campaign on easy / normal raises the percentage at all on both seriously achievements?

It doesn’t, the requirements are for Insane (Seriously 5.1) and Inconceivable (Seriously 5.2).

No worries. Anyone up for Jingle Juvies last wave on master for all launch maps? :grinning: the lobbies seem a bit quiet

Actually I’ve just done all 7 on jingle juvies on master last wave no progress. Going to do 4 escape launch maps on master to see if it progresses.

I did all launch horde maps today jingle juvie wave 20 all 7 maps master & 4 escape launch maps master I hosted them all and still no progress hmm. Seriously 5.0 chapter 1 is 59% and seriously 5.0 chapter 2 is still 84%. I’ve done every map on horde to master, mastered every single escape hive and I’m re up 54. I’ve done every character to 20. Just not touched campaign yet. I’m stuggling to what the last percent could be on each one. Hmm

I don’t know what is the weight of each map and hive. I did every single map in horde frenzy and every escape hive. I thought I had to do 1-50 horde (4 maps missing) until some tell in the forum it was not necessary.
It seems that one or two are missing on your side. And the problem is there, no simple way to know which one except by checking in the statistic menu that the tick master is checked for all)
But I am not 100% sure of that