Update on Seriously 5.0 Chapter 2 Achievement Issues

Hey everyone,

Today the team rolled out a fix to solve progression issues with the Seriously 5.0 Chapter 2 achievement. The achievement will unlock automatically for players who’ve met all requirements, and progress will update if you’re still on the hunt–make sure to reboot Gears 5 or fully reset your console if it doesn’t. While this should work across the board, issues may persist in certain accounts, so reach out to support.gearsofwar.com if you remain affected.

The fix is also expected to work on XP progression trackers (e. g. The Centaur Set); however, PvP and PvE trackers for damage, kills, assists, etc., need a separate update. If you’re experiencing issues with achievements like Covering Fire, Total Annihilation or Absolute Carnage, do let us know through the support site to get the team on the right track. Remember to include the name of the achievement and as many details as you can. We’ll keep you updated and appreciate your patience and reports.


Oh, please unlock seriously lol.

Nonetheless, thank you for looking into the problem and for sending out a fix.

Good to see this fix coming out, hopefully it works.

@Piyi_Piyi good luck😁

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Just loaded up the game and the achievement popped a few seconds after reaching the menu screen.


Image result for burns excellent


Awesome news, and glad to hear y’all are still looking at other tracking issues.

Fingers crossed it pops for you @Piyi_Piyi


I unlocked both, Centaur and Seriously :smiley:

Thanks TC

And also thanks @eviljas247 and @MCSS_Aerocoupe for wishing me luck :slight_smile:


Thanks for flagging!


Image result for a-team love it when a plan comes together


I can confirm that my friend Legacy was having troubles unlocking the achievement and this update unlocked it for him. Thank you for the fix TC.


I wonder if this 1gb update will introduce old or new bugs. The no sound from bosses would be a nice fix.

Thanks for the fix :slightly_smiling_face:


Still a few issues with tracking the versus achievements and total annihilation and rest in pieces … is there going to be another update for those @TC_GEARS ?

They say at the bottom of the post that those achievements will require a separate update.

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Didn’t you hear? Meaningless numbers going up is more important than a functional game?



now the counter go up from 98 to 99% :frowning:
maybe i need to complete 1 hive that i only complete once.

Nice of you to finally take some action. Better late than never, well done.


went to 99 from 98 but no achievement for me

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Can anyone confirm if escapes have to be mastered? Or master complete? I’ve done a few where I’ve joined in game on master and completed them and the percentage has gone up by 1%? Thank you