Update on Mix it UP (UE Win 10) and Exp (GOW 2 JP)


Sorry to bother you (again) with this matters, but is there any updates on the Mix it up achievement for Win 10 or the exp boost for GOW 2 JP?

Thanks a lot and best regards!

Edit: Kilo has requested an update for mix it up for UE with a min of 2 players needed to start a match.

Nothing so far with Japan or Judgment.

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Awesome! Thanks a lot!

Hello! Any update?

Unfortunately nothing at this stage.

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Hey, any news yet? Btw, thanks for the help in GOW3 and Judgement! I am helping some friends to complete them

Hello! Any news on Mix it Up for Win 10?

There’s no staff left to sort anything

I refuse to think that is true… Gears can’t be left to die like this…

Two of TC’s community team have left, so we are not likely to see any updates on these achievements for the time being.

Not saying it won’t be fixed, but without someone in the background reminding people, it can quickly get forgotten.