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Update on Gears 4 Issues: 11/4/2018

(onik PL) #170

Same BS again, last three matches lagging AF & 0 XP gained! How is this fixed??


Continually pointing out the issues and asking for them to be fixed should work just fine!

(xToivotonTapaus) #172

The Boxes game has no correction, I play with silver rank and I get it all the time against gold and onyx! Start motivation and nerve.

(RareACIDMAN82) #173

Why are you posting on my page start your owe

(Terminaterxxx10) #174

Nothing on my Xbox will load. Can you tell me why

(nBw BlackIc3) #175

Dont even care about the rewards and all that… i just wish the game wouldn’t crash on me.


I want to know when it will exit update to fix problems in gears?

(XxXMoLoToViiXxX) #177

Hey Octus!

I have a big bug on PC!

So, I can’t play a ranked match because the game crashes in a middle party and in some cases, crash the PC too.

I have experience with this bug a few months ago (before the Season 4), When the game crashes when I played horde, ranked or social matches.

The problem are the NVidia Driver, please check how to solve this problem or how can I fix it on my own?

Please, I’m not playing with the same frecuency like the Season 4 because of this.


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