Update on Gears 4 Issues: 11/4/2018

(BindiRoy1974) #150

I finshed wave 40 got no xp or credits. Finshed wave 30 and i got half the xp and zero credits. Then game kicks me out on wave 41. I feel cheated from yesterday from 2 pm till now. I had plans to do a all nighter yesterday problems.


Glad to see you guys are all still alive! I was getting worried.
I had assumed that most of y’all hyperventilated or something.

(BindiRoy1974) #152

Yeah. I know one thing is won’t waste another $105.00 ever again i decided to go to red dead2

(BindiRoy1974) #153

Yeah my friend justin said same thing all black steel robots on tdm

(J4CKA1) #154

This whole thread is hilarious. Ladies… just play something else for a day or two. Geez, stop crying all the time. Sure there’s issues here, but omg slow down.

This stuff is the reason why gears of war players are the worst community in gaming, period.


It’s sure as heck the most entertaining though!

(EVGA SLI) #156

hey guys i played some more matches during the service disruption and couldn’t load anything customizable but then in 2 hours it was fixed and i kept on playing until bed time

(PHXHAWK) #157

I’m still experiencing issues getting xp credit playing horde

(PHXHAWK) #158


(Paresis) #159

My game showed diamond but onyx 3 on the site, How do I get my diamond gnasher I really want it??? From last season… this has been an ongoing issue I’ve been trying to get resolved and The Coalition has not responded back to me on Twitter… please help Coalition, Thank You.

(Adrilu Teller) #160

Hola, llevo dos días sin poder jugar multijugador. Ni horda, ni nada. No sé que ocurre pero me sale el error 0x00000d1c

(ReaganSmash1985) #161

Why does it feel like I’m moving in slow motion? All other issues have been fixed for me but I feel like I’m moving way slower then usual.

(RareACIDMAN82) #162

Issue with carmine emblem spent well over 200,00Cr and no carmine emblem or 2017 DOTD emblem just the common u can craft plz help ty TC

(OneShotShelly) #163

Same for me.

(BindiRoy1974) #164

Slow motion running now unplayable. At least I’m not the only one having seen this. I noticed swarm in co-op mode was running faster then my character.

(HayMaker304) #165

Yup. I had the dropshot skin and it did that to me last night as well.

(Goodacre) #166

I only ever use XBL when I play gears but I have noticed a major reliability shift since the xbox360 days. It seems to be a recurring thing with party connections, xb app issues, lobby issues,

(RareACIDMAN82) #167

Hopefully they make it craftable after the event finishes :crossed_fingers:

(BindiRoy1974) #168

The whole thing is imploding in itself. It’s been a running theme events (equals ) crashes and total breakdown in the system.

(BluntSm0k3X) #169

Damn, yall are still having trouble ? I absolutely love GoW but ever since RDR2 came out, I haven’t even thought about Gears :rofl: Its refreshing to play a game that doesn’t give me that 99% BS. Still gonna buy Gears 5 though :call_me_hand: