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Update on Gears 4 Issues: 11/4/2018

(SeanJohn2026) #109

They’ve come back with the previous times their servers or whatever have had issues, I don’t see why this time would be any different. Just hop on a different game for a bit while they work on it and hope they extend the event.

(Jachas) #110

I got this error as well how to I get on the list to get u blocked/fixed.

GT: Jachas

(Hammer 732) #111

Wait until you get in the millions like me.

(xXx EtieDa1 xXx) #112

If you’re talking about a student in a basement writing indie games i completly agree with you. Give him some time, however this is a multi million company, and they’re IT should have tackeld this by now. Like i said before, 9 (nine !) Days ago i already posted about this problem in the other thread.
How many time to fix this do you need. If in my company so many time was needed to fix things you would get the boot.
I really appreciate your tips what to do with my spare time but i already ate today. Went for a walk and took already a lot of breaths.
So now i want to play gears. As plain and simple as that. But that’s the only thing not possible.


This is what I think would be a good idea. Since this isn’t the first time this has happened, sadly, they should do this: continue doing what they’re doing, fixing the servers and what not, but when the event is supposed to be over, they should start a 5-10x XP event for 1-3-5 however many days they want to, but just give us something.

(TheDeuterostome) #114

Well if you can’t find something else to do for now, I have nothing else to say that can help you.

(OneShotShelly) #115

10x XP’s for a week!!! We’ve put up with SO MUCH CRAP we deserve the 10x XP’s!!! Just sayin’.


I guarantee you if they released that their player count would go up 10-20 or more from it’s current point. Would just be nice for me to be able to hit wings 1-2 or however many I’d feel like grinding for.


I mean, in all fairness Microsoft’s technicians are more skilled than TC’s (no offense to TC) as they run a multi-billion dollar company, and they still have technical issues; server outages, bugs, etc. So you can’t blame TC for having them once in a while. I’m just more annoyed over the fact they probably knew this was going to happen and didn’t think to let their community know it was going to. I just hope, HOPE they never, and I mean never, let this go unannounced ever again or I’ll be an unhappy camper.

(Xkillah338) #118

I can’t craft, scrap and can’t see my credits when I finish a match, everytime it’s says: Match result are taking longer than expected. Hope u will pay us back all the credits (coins ) that we deserve

(xXx EtieDa1 xXx) #119

Omg i found a game hallelujah. Are the gods of gears finally in my side ?

(VaPoRiZe aD) #120

So I see stats are accessible again but I didn’t rank up at all during that BS, wtf?

(SEF II Egotron) #121

it works agan guys

(OneShotShelly) #122

You might have an early “laundry day” but I hope your credits and scrap are alright.

(Belkain) #123

In all fairness Microsoft screws up just as much as TC, remember the last update for win 10? it deletes your files for crying out loud, and windows 10 updates just like Gears updates are pretty much “my way or the high way” kind of updates.

What I do agree with you completely is the fact that since this kind of problems during big XP events have happened before (as in, they always do) it was more than reasonable to assume they’ll take measures to prevent this from happening yet here we are. Last time this happened they extended the bonus for another weekend and guess what: it happened again.

EDIT: regarding TC OCtus answer, I have to admit they fixed this on a timely fashion and made sure this won’t happen again for the remainder of the bonus, after all, what are the chances of collapsing the server on a monday? Still surprised they managed to fix this on a sunday though, that is most definitely something.

(TC Octus) #124

Hi all -

We’ve just made a deployment to target addressing this issue, and initial data seems to indicate the fix worked. Please let us know if you continue to encounter issues.

Due to the issues, we will be extending 6.66XP and the Halloween events / items until Tuesday at 10:00am PST.

Thank you again for your patience!


(SeanJohn2026) #125

The fix worked for me, I can play Horde again and I’m getting all of my XP. Thanks for extending the event :slight_smile:

(Bungling Ninja) #126

Thank you for the update and the extension. I know I’m not alone in my gratitude or in my preference that the extension was deferred until the weekend since that’s when the impact occurred. Many of us have limited free time for gaming and most of it is here on the weekend. So we’ve lost much of our opportunity to participate in the event.

Many thanks again for restoring function for us and also for attempting to make up for the issues by extending the event. I want to make sure my message of gratitude is clear but also that it won’t help much for many of us who only get to game on the weekends.


By golly it works!

(DeathScythe M01) #128

I think all this stuff of credits, scrap, challenges, rank system, loot boxes, special events, etc. are making this game a full circus of problems.
Please do not repeat the same formula for next Gears games.